Teen festival-goer still searching for his car a WEEK after he forgot where he parked it

Teen festival-goer still searching for his car a WEEK after he forgot where he parked it

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A TEEN who drove to a music festival in Bristol is still searching for his parked car a week later.

Connor Spear, 19, drove 100 miles from Plymouth to Tokyo World festival last weekend.

Connor Spear, 19, left his car on a parked street last weekend but has not been able to find it
Sally Jeffery

But he forgot to note where he had left his car and has been unable to find it ever since.

After returning to the Holiday Inn in Filton on Saturday night from the first day of the festival, Connor picked up some pals from the after-party rave at Motion nightclub early on Sunday morning.

They later drove to the festival in Eastville Park but struggled to find anywhere to park close to the event, so left his Vauxhall Corsa on a residential street and took a 10 minute taxi the rest of the way.

But when Connor went to retrieve his car on Monday morning he couldn’t find it anywhere.

He managed to get a lift back to Plymouth with another friend but returned to Bristol with his mum this weekend to try and find his car.

They spent eight hours roaming the streets on Saturday, followed by a further three hours on Sunday – but have had no joy.

His exasperated mum, Sally Jeffery, told the Bristol Post: “I’m devastated and annoyed that he’s been so irresponsible.

“You know what youngsters are like…he’s parked there without thinking he’ll take a photo of the street.

Recalling Connor’s description of the road he parked on, Sally said: “On the left of the street there were a load of bushes where you couldn’t park and on the right there was a row of houses.”

The black Vauxhall Corsa has the registration plate WP08 FKF.

Sally said Connor is offering £100 to anybody who can help find his car.

She added: “It’s a really nice, decent car and he’s really looked after it – that’s the annoying thing about it.”

Connor is desperately trying to find this Vauxhall Corsa
Sally Jeffery

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