Prince Harry says we should embrace ‘hippy’ ideas and co-exist with nature to save the planet

Prince Harry says we should embrace ‘hippy’ ideas and co-exist with nature to save the planet

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PRINCE Harry said we should embrace “hippy” ideas and co-exist with nature.

The Duke of Sussex has called for humans to overcome “greed, apathy and selfishness” to save the planet.

Harry was moved when shown carcasses of slaughtered elephants and rhinos during a conservation trip to Africa in 2015
Prince Harry is pictured hugging a sedated elephant in South Africa’s Kruger National Park in 2015
The Duke of Sussex attends a reception at the British High Commissioner’s Residence in Lilongwe, Malawi
PA:Press Association

Harry also warned of “vast ecosystems” set ablaze in Africa, communities destroyed for short-term gain, and said a “natural order” between humans and wildlife must be restored.

His warning comes a head of his visit to highlight conservation project in Malawi, where he will visit Liwonde National Park in South Africa.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph Prince Harry said: “This may well sound hippy to some.

“But we cannot afford to have a ‘them or us’ mentality. Humans and animals and their habitats fundamentally need to co-exist or within the next 10 years our problems across the globe will become even more unmanageable.

“Nature teaches us the importance of a circular system, one where nothing goes to waste and everything has a role to play.

“If we interfere with it, rather than work with it, the system will break down.

“Conservation used to be a specialist area, driven by science.

“But now it is fundamental to our survival and we must overcome greed, apathy and selfishness if we are to make real progress.”

The column comes ahead of his visit to Malawi’s Liwonde National Park on the eighth day of a tour of southern Africa to highlight conservation and anti-poaching work.

In the Daily Telegraph, Harry said his role had given him an opportunity to “meet, listen and learn from those who live in some of the world’s harshest conditions and understand what it is they so desperately need to thrive”.

The Duke also highlighted environmental catastrophes including overfishing, and elephant and rhino poaching.

Last week Harry repeated “everything is good in the world except for us humans” three times as he praised Greta Thunberg during his Botswana tour.

He pointed to the 16-year-old climate change activist as he said the “world’s children are striking”.

He added “everyone knows” about the current climate issues, saying: “No one can deny science, otherwise we live in a very troubling world.”

The Duchess of Sussex joined Harry yesterday on a college visit via video call after she had met a group of female activists in Cape Town the previous day.

Harry had left his wife and their four-month-old son Archie – who stole the spotlight when he sat on his mother’s lap while his parents chatted with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu in Cape Town – to visit Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

Though Harry has visited Malawi several times privately, this trip is his first visit in an official capacity, marking the final leg of his solo tour across southern Africa before rejoining his family in Johannesburg.

Harry was greeted by a line of students waving UK and Malawi flags before entering the college, where Meghan joined proceedings via Skype while, she said, Archie took a nap.

Meghan speaks via Skype during the Duke of Sussex’s visit to the Nalikule College of Education in Lilongwe, Malawi
PA:Press Association
The Duchess of Sussex joked with the young female students who sat with Prince Harry
PA:Press Association
Prince Harry travelled alone to a college in Malawi, to see the work of the CAMA network supporting young women in Malawi
PA:Press Association
Prince Harry speaks to Angeline Murimirwa, the Executive Director of Africa CAMFED, about the CAMA network and how it is supporting young women in Malawi
Getty – Contributor
Meghan Markle and baby Archie, pictured together at Cape Town International Airport on Saturday
Esa Alexander
Prince Harry arrives at the Nalikule College of Education
Getty – Contributor
The Duchess of Sussex invited a group of South African female activists to join her in Cape Town
Handout – Getty
Archie giggles as mum Meghan cradles him in her arms
Archie giggles as mum Meghan cradles him in her arms
Camera Press
Meghan laughs as she holds baby Archie - saying the little boy was an 'old soul'
Meghan laughs as she holds baby Archie – saying the little boy is an ‘old soul’

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