Man’s 48-hour headache turns out to be incurable cancer as doctors give him just months to live

Man’s 48-hour headache turns out to be incurable cancer as doctors give him just months to live

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A MAN who went to the doctors after having a headache for 48-hours has been given MONTHS to live after finding out his pain was actually a cancer tumour.

Ashan Corrick, 25, went to A&E because paracetamol wasn’t helping the headache he’d only had for two days – but it turned out to be much worse than he expected.

SWNS:South West News Service

Ashan Corrick didn’t think his headache would be so fatal – but he’s trying to stay positive[/caption]

Ashan, from Filton near Bristol, described the headache as a “seven out of 10” before doctors at Southmead Hospital scanned and found that it was cancerous.

After staying overnight, the 25-year-old found out he needed an operation on the incurable stage-four brain cancer.

He said: “The next day they operated on me.

“It was only five minutes before the op that they told me, almost in a passing way, it was cancerous.”

While surgeons managed to remove a tumour from Ashan’s brain, there were some cancerous cells that were too deeply embedded for them to get at.

He continued: “When I came back around, the conversation about it being cancerous still hadn’t really registered.

“I thought I was fine.”

It was only when Ashan returned to the hospital for the results of his biopsy that he began to realise how serious his illness is – and with treatment, doctors said he would live “one or two” years.

“I thought I was fine.”

Ashan Corrick

Speaking to Bristol Live about how is coping, Ashan said: “It’s hard, but I have to stay positive.

“It feels like life has been turned on its head. It’s a fight. It is what it is, really.”

Mr Corrick is exploring every avenue to hold the cancer at bay – even starting an alkaline diet – which he says he doesn’t enjoy – and is travelling to Spain next week to start an experimental cannabis oil treatment.

His family are rallying round, taking part in a charity boxing tournament to raise money for Ashan’s treatment and helping to research alternative therapies.

Ashan’s twin brother, Aysa, said: “A lot of our family have suffered from cancer. To hear that word said about Ashan shook us.

“That was the biggest shock. It had always been older relatives who had it before him.

“Ashan has never been ill in his whole life.”

He joked: “Sometimes it was annoying that nothing affected him. He’s so laid back he’s almost horizontal.

“Then something like this happens and it’s so sad.”

Ashan will start a radiotherapy course next month, which doctors say could cause him to lose his hair and suffer from fatigue.

He said: “Life’s going too fast at the moment.

“But I’m alright. I’m ready for anything.

“I don’t have time to think about what’s happening. Every day I’m trying something new.”

SWNS:South West News Service

Ashan and his brother Aysa were shocked at the news that the headache was actually stage-four cancer[/caption]

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