Jacob Rees Mogg says Jeremy Corbyn ‘hates everything that’s made Britain great’

Jacob Rees Mogg says Jeremy Corbyn ‘hates everything that’s made Britain great’

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JACOB REES-MOGG today branded Jeremy Corbyn a bungling Bolshevik who hates everything that makes Britain great.

Mr Rees-Mogg blasted the Labour leader for allowing anti-Semitism to fester in the party, not having a clear policy on Brexit and not holding a general election.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg launched a multi-pronged attack on Jeremy Corbyn in a Mail on Sunday column[/caption]

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Rees-Mogg dubbed Corbyn a ‘bungling Bolshevik’[/caption]

The Leader of the House of Commons said in The Mail on Sunday: “Only the Conservatives can stop this bungling Bolshevik from hobbling the country with his latter-day Marxism and hatred for everything that made our country great.”

As the Tory conference kicks off in Manchester, Rees-Mogg insists improving the NHS and taking Britain out of the EU will be top priorities for the party.

But in another swipe at the Labour party he dismisses the work of Aneurin Bevan and insists the Conservatives are the true founders of the NHS.

He said: “It was the Conservative Minister for Health, Sir Henry Willink, who first proposed the creation of a free, universal National Health Service four years before it was officially created in 1948 by Aneurin Bevan, who took all the credit.”

Rees-Moggs claims the Conservatives will give £600million to furthering scientific discoveries and life-saving therapies, put 1,000 more staff members in mental health services and upgrade dozens of hospitals.

Jeremy Corbyn. Arguably, the most Left-wing leader the Labour Party has ever seen

Jacob Rees-Mogg

But taking Britain out of the EU is currently the party’s main focus.

He claims once Britain is out of the European Union and once the Government have made new policies, parliamentarians and the nation will feel reinvigorated.

Jeremy Corbyn, he argues, threatens to delay this.

He said: “Jeremy Corbyn. Arguably, the most Left-wing leader the Labour Party has ever seen, a man who would drag this country back to the darkest days of the failed socialist project, confiscating assets of all those not in favour, driving talent and innovators away from our nation in droves, while cosying up to dictators and rogue states around the world.”

He added: “A man whose only policy on Brexit is not to have a policy, who simply wants to create more confusion and delay – at the cost of a billion pounds every month – as Sir Keir Starmer and Jo Swinson plot with the EU how to cancel Brexit altogether.

“A man who has spent the past two years demanding a General Election only to run away twice from holding one now.

“A man who claims to be fighting racism while allowing the Labour Party to turn into a hotbed of vile and virulent anti-Semitism for which it is being investigated by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

“The only other party to be investigated by the EHRC was the BNP.”

He insists the country should be governed by the Conservative party who, he claims, put the British people first.

He concludes: “Decisions about our country will be made in our country once again, by people who put the priorities of the British people first.”

Boris Johnson is promising 40 new hospitals

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Rees-Mogg says the Tory party must deliver on Brexit[/caption]

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