Asda driver filmed on CCTV ‘swiping customer’s Amazon parcel’ from porch before delivering groceries as if nothing happened

Asda driver filmed on CCTV ‘swiping customer’s Amazon parcel’ from porch before delivering groceries as if nothing happened

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AN Asda delivery driver was filmed brazenly stealing an Amazon parcel from a family’s porch – then ringing the bell and delivering their groceries as if nothing had happened.

Aisha Adedeji, 26, claims to have CCTV footage showing the man picking up the package, scurrying back to his van and returning with a crate of shopping.

The driver is alleged to have stolen the parcel while delivering Asda groceries

Aisha Adedeji

Police are investigating after CCTV footage shows the alleged theft on Thursday, September 26[/caption]

The Asda driver is seen heading back to his van with the ‘stolen’ package before returning to deliver the shopping
Aisha Adedeji

The Asda worker appeared to spot the parcel when he arrived at the house just eight minutes after security camera footage appeared to show Amazon’s driver leaving it inside the porch in Bromley, South East London.

The family says they specifically asked Amazon to leave it in the porch as they were unsure if anyone would be home to receive it.

CCTV apparently shows the Asda man looking through the window, fumbling in his pocket for several seconds before entering through the outer door.

He then appears to make a beeline for the package in the corner, bending low as he steps back and quickly hides it on the step, out of view of whoever might open the door.

The driver is then seen placing his first crate of groceries inside the porch – but neglects to ring the doorbell.

Instead he appears to think for several seconds before he grabbing the parcel from its hiding place and hurrying back to the van.

When returning with another crate, he’s seen ringing the doorbell and greeting the customer with a cheery “Hello mate.”

The Asda driver was seen cheerfully unloading crates of groceries into the porch
The man in the CCTV calmly greets the customer

Barclays worker Aisha, who live with her mum, dad and two brothers, believes the “stolen” package was a £60 wallet ordered by her brother.

Cops are now investigating the reported theft and have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.


Aisha told the Sun Online: “Normally when we get Asda deliveries they just ring the bell and just stand outside.

“Apparently it’s Asda policy that they can’t come into the house without permission.”
She continued: “It’s very annoying. It didn’t contain anything major, it’s just the principle.”

Aisha said what has annoyed her the most was Asda’s handling of the theft.

She said: “The thing that annoyed me most is the fact that when we emailed Asda, they came back to me and said ‘we’re sorry to hear that you had advised that the driver allegedly stole your parcel,’ and then asked me what was in the parcel and whether it was big or small.

“So at this point my mum – who ordered the Asda delivery in the first place – was fuming because number one, you’re now saying that I’m lying essentially because of the use of ‘allegedly.’

“And then secondly you’re asking about the package – because it doesn’t matter if it was £2 eyelashes, you should not come in and steal someone’s package.

“You have come in to someone’s house without ringing the bell, you saw the package through the door, picked up the package, attempted to hide it, went to your van and then rung the bell.

“I’m more annoyed with Asda’s response to it, because one – they said they’d get back to me within 24 hours and nobody has got back to me.

“Then I emailed them again and they sent me that stupid message about ‘allegedly.’

“Then I took it to Twitter, they were tagged in the tweet and they responded with some robotic response.

“It’s irritating because to me, it doesn’t matter how much the parcel was worth – you shouldn’t have taken anything.

“We usually get Asda delivers once every two weeks. Safe to say we will not be using them again.”

Metropolitan Police told the Sun Online: “Police are investigating an allegation of theft that occurred at a residential property in Petts Wood on Thursday, 26 September.”

No arrests have been made and enquiries continue.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 and quote CAD532/27Sep.

The Sun Online has contacted Asda for a comment.

Aisha said shes unhappy with Asda’s ‘robotic’ response

Aisha Adedeji

The driver only rings the doorbell after he has taken the parcel to his van[/caption]

Aisha Adedeji

Eight minutes earlier, CCTV shows the Amazon driver leaving the package in the porch as requested[/caption]

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