Tesco worker, 19, whose rant about needy customers went viral shares new videos of her messing about on shift riding cage and pulling faces

Tesco worker, 19, whose rant about needy customers went viral shares new videos of her messing about on shift riding cage and pulling faces

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A FORMER Tesco worker who went viral after complaining about needy customers has shared new hilarious videos of her on a shift in the supermarket backroom.

Jade Pinner, 19, from Basildon, Essex, made a name for herself after she shared a clip of her exploding in fury about working at the supermarket.

Jade posted the new clips, showing her riding on a big trolley
The 19-year-old then messed around while throwing stock into the trolley

Today, Miss Pinner has updated her growing number of fans, posting footage of her riding on trolleys and stroking a mannequin’s head while on shift.

The teen posted the hilarious clips with the caption: “Tesco I wanna thank you for my little one hit wonder! Best believe I’m milking the f*** out of this x much love x.”

The 19-year-old, who now appears to be working for KFC after leaving Tesco in May, has racked up an Instagram following 10,000-strong after leaving users in stitches at her initial video.

The follow-up clips show the teen grabbing a male mannequin by the hair before neatening it and patting him on the head as she mops.

Another shows the employee gliding across the backroom of Tesco’s on a trolley, smiling and pouting at the camera as she passes.

The 19-year-old also posted a clip of her filling up a bucket with a hose- but she ends up using the flowing water to mimicking something rather naughty.

In the last clip, the teen is recording herself throwing waste stock into the large trolley behind her while pulling hilarious faces at the camera.

At first, she completes her mission by landing the stock into the trolley and finishing with a twirl.

However, on her second shot, which she attempts without looking –  she misses the target and winces at the camera before clearing up the mess.

Jam Press

Jade appears to no longer work for Tesco[/caption]

The initial viral video was posted yesterday and now has over 2.1 million views on Twitter.

In the ranting video, she said: “Girls, I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve had no sleep. And I’m working till ten tonight.”

She lets out a shrill scream before murmuring: “I feel like killing myself.”

Jade also mocks a typical scenario, saying: “Hello, yes I can show you where this! Aisle 22.

“Why don’t you look at what it says on f***ing board instead of asking me what aisle butter is in!”

Then she spits on the floor and punches the air with rage.

Jade quit her Tesco job a month after the video was taken in April.

She said: “I was annoyed that I needed to go in to work so I decided to film myself.

“I was working at Tesco for a year at that point but quit four months ago.

“I started working at Tesco because I didn’t have much to get by.

“I went out the night before the video was taken and I was so tired.

“And also, customers ask you where things are but you can clearly see it on the board. I wish customers could realise this.”

She added: “I made a TikTok account because I was bored so I’m buzzing the video went viral.”

In the latest videos, she is seen mopping the floor while stroking a male mannequin’s head
She neatens up the mannequin’s hair before continuing to mop

Jam Press

Jade now has over 10,000 Instagram followers after her video went viral[/caption]

Jam Press

She quit her job a month after the initial video was taken in April[/caption]

Jam Press

The 19-year-old now says shes milking the new-found fame[/caption]

Jam Press

The first video of her ranting now has 2.1 million views on Twitter[/caption]

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