Mum slams school as son, 12, forced to poo behind a bush after teachers refused to unlock toilets during class

Mum slams school as son, 12, forced to poo behind a bush after teachers refused to unlock toilets during class

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A MUM has slammed her son’s school claiming he was forced to take a poo behind a bush after teachers refused to open a locked toilet.

The boy, 12, was suffering from diarrhoea but the school’s policy of having a lockdown on all the toilets during classes forced the boy to find somewhere else to relieve himself.

Treorchy Comprehensive said it would review its policy about locking the toilets in light of the incident
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A teacher had let him out of class to go to the loo but the school receptionist refused to give him the key.

He was then caught short as he returned to class and was then forced to go behind a bush near the school block.

Treorchy Comprehensive in Wales said the toilets are locked during lessons but added it would examine their policy after the complaint.

The youngster’s mum told Wales Online: “He had diarrhoea and didn’t want it to run down his leg so he just had to find a quiet area outside.”

“It breaks my heart to think someone could have seen him. As far as I’m concerned it’s neglect by the school.”

She added: “He wasn’t ill when he went to school but had a belly ache after lunch and said it was quite acute.

“This is a health and safety issue. He could not wipe or wash his hands.


“We are very happy with the school and his reports are good but I am very shocked to hear about this toilet policy.

“I feel it’s very neglectful to not have free use of the toilets. They can’t just shut off the toilets like this.”

The parents, who did not want to be identified to protect their son, said he told them what had happened the same evening and they went to complain to the deputy head teacher the following day.

They said they were told pupils had to request a key to avoid trouble making in the toilets and kids avoiding lessons by pretending they needed to go.

The parents added their son had been given permission to go to the toilet but said they didn’t know why he had been refused the key by the receptionist.

They claim they were told by the deputy head he would speak to the receptionist.

A spokeswoman for the 1,644-pupil school said: “There are nine sets of toilets located across the school site and most of these are locked during lesson times to ensure all pupils have access to the highest standards of toilet facilities when they wish to use them, upon request.

“The school has procedures in place which enables pupils to use toilet facilities during lesson times. These have proven to be effective over many years.

“It would not be appropriate to comment on any individual cases but no child or young person who requires the use of a toilet is denied access.

“The school routinely reviews all school policies and, in light of the concern raised, an evaluation of existing procedures and policies will be undertaken.”

The Sun Online has contacted the school for comment.

The boy’s mum said it was ‘neglect’ by the school not to allow him to use the toilet (stock image)

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