Lad, 26, gets fined £1,000 after his naked date, 29, locks herself out of hotel room

Lad, 26, gets fined £1,000 after his naked date, 29, locks herself out of hotel room

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A BLOKE was slapped with a hefty £1,000 fine after his mortified date locked herself out of their hotel room completely naked after a boozy night.

Chris Farrell, 26, was forced to pay up after 29-year-old Chloe Harvey got up to use the loo, and ended up locked in the corridor – hitting the fire alarm in “desperation.”

The pair stayed at the East Hotel in Bethnal Green – with embarrassing consequences
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The pair had been out for drinks on their second date, and decided to end the night by booking into the East Hotel, in Bethnal Green.

But mum-of-two Chloe woke up in the night needing the loo and mistakenly stumbled into the corridor – with the door locking behind her.

Chris, who had “had a few drinks,” failed to wake up and a panicked Chloe decided to hit the fire alarm, “waking the whole hotel up.”

Chloe told The Mirror: “I didn’t know what to do so pushed the alarm – I was completely naked.”

When the couple checked out the next day, Chris was gobsmacked to be handed a £1,000 bill for improper use of the alarm.

The dad-of-one got angry with staff at the East London Hotel, in Bethnal Green, and “slapped” the computer.

The situation then got even worse when police turned up and hit Chris with a further £90 fine, bringing the whole cost of the date to an eye-water £1,300.

Engineer Chris said: “I’ve appealed the hotel fine but they said there’s nothing they can do about it

“I was happy to pay a fine but bearing in mind the circumstances I thought it was a bit extreme.

“The police tried to reason with the hotel manager, saying the charge was way too much.

“Chloe could not be more sorry but I said I’d pay the fine.

“The hotel cost £80 and I did about £150 on the night out, so it was an expensive date.”

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