Stuntman ‘strangled naked girlfriend and buried her in flowerbed because she was a problem that needed to be removed’

Stuntman ‘strangled naked girlfriend and buried her in flowerbed because she was a problem that needed to be removed’

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A STUNTMAN strangled his naked girlfriend then buried her in a flowerbed because “she was a problem that had to be removed”, a court heard today.

Kirill Belorusov, 32, is accused of murdering French filmmaker Laureline Garcia-Bertaux, 34, and binding her feet and hands behind her back.


Police found Laureline Garcia-Bertaux’s body at her home in Kew, South West London, two days after she was last seen[/caption]

Kirill Belorusov is accused of strangling her then burying her body

He then wrapped her naked body in bin bags and buried her under a thin layer of soil in her back garden in Kew, South West London, the Old Bailey heard.

Belorusov, the son of an Estonian Policeman, was seeing other women but had borrowed money from Laureline with the promise they would move in together, it is claimed.

He had racked up thousands of pounds in debt to the French filmmaker and lied that he had found a new house for her in exchange for “nudie” pictures.

The stuntman then duped Laureline into packing up her belongings and arranging a delivery van before allegedly killing her with “brutal and clinical precision” the night before the scheduled move.

Jurors heard over the space of four minutes, Belorusov crushed her neck with force a pathologist likened to a person having something fall on their chest as he “calmly and methodically” killed her.


Oliver Glasgow, QC, prosecuting, said in his closing speech: “The last few moments of Laureline’s life must have been truly terrifying as he squeezed the life out of her.

“She realised the man who cared for her was a cheat and a killer.

“It was the kind of calculated and selfish callousness that only a man who would lie about his impending death could show.

“There was no way he could play out his lies to a successful conclusion as Laureline was a problem that had to be removed and the only way to do that was to silence her once and for all.

“And as a bonus he walked away with the money he owed her.

“A talented young woman who was loved by all who knew her was killed with brutal and clinical precision and then disposed of with utter disdain.”


After he allegedly murdered Laureline, he used her internet to log on to PornHub before texting her pals from her phone.

Belorusov told two friends she had “met someone” while out shopping and attempted to mimic her by referring to her “babies” – the two dogs she owned, it was said.

But the filmmaker hadn’t left her home and she was discovered in the shallow grave on March 6.

Belorusov was allegedly messaging his second girlfriend at the time – calling her “the most beautiful and most precious lady in my life”.

When she told him he was the “best boyfriend”, the alleged killer replied: “I don’t think I am. I’m twisted…even in a romantic way it’s wrong…I mean I’d kill for you and lie for you…I’d pretty much do anything for you.”


The stuntman had broken up with Laureline months before but claimed he had found a new home for her and wanted to pay her back some money, it was said.

Jurors heard the web of lies Belorusov spun was so successful, Laureline’s friends even text him and thanked him for helping her find a new home.

But his lawyer today compared him with an “archetypal Bond villain” with his shaved head.

Martin Rutherford, QC, added: “His lies in my vocabulary could be described as unedifying as ugly as sad and many other words.

“In fact in Mr Belorusov’s words they could be described as cruel and mean and they made him an a***hole, but whether you use my words or his they’re a world away from making him a killer.”

Belorusov’s DNA was found on a ligature tied around her neck after he was arrested in Estonia six days later and extradited back to the UK on March 20, the jury heard.

Laureline was originally from Aix-en-Provence in France.

As well as working as a personal assistant in London, she was involved in film and had worked with Dame Joan Collins on a 2018 short called Gerry.

Belorusov, of no fixed address, denies murder.

The trial continues.

Laureline lived alone with her two dogs in Kew
PA:Press Association
Belorusov had allegedly spun a web of lies after killing Laureline
PA:Press Association
Laureline’s mum Frederique Bertaux, arrives at the Old Bailey

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