ISIS-inspired ‘civil war’ raging at Shamina Begum’s old refugee camp as ‘hardcore’ jihadis MURDER moderates and fighting women have to be separated

ISIS-inspired ‘civil war’ raging at Shamina Begum’s old refugee camp as ‘hardcore’ jihadis MURDER moderates and fighting women have to be separated

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Women held in a notorious ISIS camp are said to be turning on each other as hardcore supporters ‘kill and burn down tents’ of those turning their backs on the terror group.

The al-Hawl camp where ISIS bride Brit Shemima Begum was once housed, is verging on ‘civil war’ according to guards who have now had to segregate rival groups.

Displaced Syrian women and children in the Al-Hawl camp are said to be turning on one another
Getty – Contributor
A woman is believed to have been killed in her tent by other residents in the camp
The charred remains of two tents can be seen in the video from inside Al-Hawl refugee camp

It comes after the Brit, who fled to join IS in 2015, told the Daily Mail that she now ‘hates’ the terror group and is desperate to come back to the UK.

The former schoolgirl said that her mental health is suffering and that she feels lonely after leaving the UK to join ISIS.

A video, obtained by the Sun Online, shows the charred remains of tents thought to have been burned down by an enemy group, who believe that their husbands will return to defend IS.

The woman in the video, who is full covered in a burka, explains that she is unsure if the fires were deliberate but that several have been burnt down in the last three months but luckily no one was harmed.

The mum-of-three says that she has been in the camp for the last five months after fleeing heavy bombing near the Iraq border following the death of her husband in a car accident four years ago.

According to Kurdish news service, ANHA, an Indonesian national was also killed in her tent by Daesh supporters inside the camp.

She was taken to a Kurdish hospital and following a forensic examination was found to be sixth months pregnant after being tortured and beaten to death.

Another report also claimed that a 14-year-old girl was killed by her grandparents for not wearing the face-covering veil known as niqab.

Currently the camp in northern Syria is home to more than 80,000 people which is run by just 400 Syrian Democratic Forces guards and houses thousands of ISIS women and children.

According to insiders, women are still adhering to extremist ideology and could be a threat to society, with foreign women thought to be the most radicalised.

A guard was stabbed by a female camping back in July after she was escort to buy shopping
Women and children are still spreading extremist beliefs within the camping
AFP or licensors

The camp was the former home of Brit ISIS bride Shamima Begum, who fled in the UK in 2015


The camp, also known as al-Hol, was the former home of Brit Shemima Begujm and is known for it’s brutal practices and terror attacks across the world.

She was reportedly moved to the Roj camp for her own protection after her controversial interview, where she requested to come back to the UK.

The Roj camp, also known as the sunshine camp, is just 27 miles away from her previous home.

She had hoped to escape the squalor of the camp and be repatriated back to Britain but the Home Office revoked her British citizenship leaving her stuck in the camp.

The site, which houses thousands of ISIS families, is now being considered a ‘time bomb’ by insiders who says violence between the campers is a daily occurrence.

The Sun Online reported that guards and aid workers were being targeted by women in the camp as they ‘waited orders to launch terror attacks’.

Horrifying pictures purportedly showed a guard with a knife plunged into his back after being stabbed by a female camper affiliated with the terror group.

Female jihadists, or “Muhajirat” recently admitted to stabbing guards “several times because they allow injustice to prevail”.

Sources have also told the Sun Online that those who are breaking away from the terror group are being moved from al-Hol to the less violent Roj camp in the hopes of being de-radicalised. 

Woman living in the second camp of Roj are not permitted to wear any garment that covers their face in a bid to pull them away from their extremist views.

Footage from al-Hol emerged in July showing members of the camp raising the ISIS flag in solidarity.

The footage was circulated among ISIS fanatics with the message: “This is not the end but the beginning, because our mothers and sisters know how to grow cubs to become fearless lions.”


According to the BBC, Foreign woman in the camp are being kept separately and the section is where a lot of the toxic ideology is spread.

Part of the camp has now been named as Jabal baghuz or Baghuz Mountain, after the Oasis town where the women and their husbands once lived, and houses some of the most dangerous refugees. 

According to the Guardian, a group of Tunisian, Somali and Russian-speaking women in the Jabal Baghuz are said to issue orders to other women in the camp using kitchen knives to attack outnumbered guards. 

One soldier is believed to have died of her wounds in hospital and two others seriously injured in knife attacks. 

The guardian also reported that SDF has not accessed the foreign section of the camp for the last three months after a previous weapons search almost caused a full scale riot. 

The area houses around 12,000 residents and thousands of surged forward onto the camp’s front gates. 

Around 800 people, thought to have once been members of ISIS, were released from the camp in June after Kurdish officials rule they were no longer a security risk.

The notorious refugee camp has grown in size in recent months due to the collapse of ISIS with millions trying to flee the area.

Kurdish forces have now called for western governments to help but ISIS members on trial but the UK has no current plans to repatriate fighters their families.

A video was shared showing an IS flag being hoisted above the camp in solidarity
Women and children cheered as a young boy climbed the lamp post to fly the black flag
Over 80,000 people are now living in the camp with conditions thought to be squalid without essential supplies
AFP or licensors
There are thought to be just 400 guards trying to keep order in the overcrowded camp
Woman can be seen queuing to enter the camp in the Hassakeh province of Syria
AP:Associated Press
Security guards are reported to escort woman who are consider to be the most dangerous in the camp
AFP or licensors

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