Girl, 12, writes heartbreaking ‘apology’ message to her evil family who rented her out for sex with paedos as she’s taken into care

Girl, 12, writes heartbreaking ‘apology’ message to her evil family who rented her out for sex with paedos as she’s taken into care

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A 12-YEAR-OLD girl wrote a heartbreaking apology to her family after confiding the horrific sexual abuse she was suffering at home to a school counsellor.

The girl is thought to have been sexually assaulted by up to 30 men at her family’s home in Kerala, India over the course of two years.

A 12-year-old girl wrote a heartbreaking apology to her mother as she was taken away after being repeatedly raped at the family home
Times of India

Details of the abuse came to light after a neighbour noticed the number of men coming and going from the two-room apartment and heard the girl crying, so tipped off school authorities.

The girl last week told a school counsellor what had been happening, and has now been taken into care.

Harrowing images from her home show she wrote the words “Sory Amma” – “Sorry mum” – on the door of the apartment before she was taken away.

The school counsellor told the Times of India the girl had been ridden with guilt because she knew her family was suffering financial difficulties.

The girl told the counsellor she had first been raped by her father’s friend when she was ten years old.

She said her father was unemployed and that a third person had been involved in collecting money from the men who raped her.

The girl’s father is reported to have been arrested on Sunday night along with two other men, while her mother denies the claims, saying: “This is a conspiracy.

“I want my daughter back.”

The school counsellor said: “[The girl] started crying when asked about what was going on at home.

“She said her family, including a sick grandmother, was in dire need of money and that they hadn’t even been able to pay rent.

“She was worried that the family would be in deeper financial crisis if her father was taken into custody.

“The girl didn’t even seem to recognise that she was being abused.”

The counsellor also said the girl’s father seems to have also forced her mother into prostitution.

Since the arrests, neighbours have said the knew “something questionable” was going on at the house.

“We often heard the little girl crying and shouting at night.

“We saw men coming to the house,” said a 47-year-old woman.

A classmate at the girl’s school, which is just 500m from her home, told local media that she kept to herself and that her mother would accompany her to and from the school and take her home during breaks.

The girl’s health has also reportedly begun to suffer and she had been missing days of school.

The girl has had to undergo a medical examination, which confirmed she had been raped, and has now been taken to a shelter home.

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