Defiant Boris Johnson plans to shut down ‘zombie’ Parliament AGAIN just days after Supreme Court ruled first attempt ‘unlawful’

Defiant Boris Johnson plans to shut down ‘zombie’ Parliament AGAIN just days after Supreme Court ruled first attempt ‘unlawful’

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BORIS Johnson is drawing up plans to suspend Parliament again – just days after the Supreme Court ruled his first attempt “unlawful”.

The Prime Minister told MPs he intends to crack on with a Queen’s speech to bring forward new policies and end “zombie” Parliament.

Boris Johnson has refused to rule out suspending Parliament again
The Prime Minister told Robert Peston that he is being ‘undermined by those who don’t want Brexit to happen’

Downing Street confirmed a new Queen’s speech to set out a new agenda on the NHS and education would need Parliament to be prorogued.

It comes after “scared” Corbyn blocked his attempt to force an election to let the voters end the Brexit deadlock.

Mr Johnson said last night: “I will be informing [MPs] as soon as we have assessed the meaning of the court’s ruling.”

The Prime Minister told ITV’s Peston: “I think the public should see what we want to do and I think it’s a great shame that the opposition are sort of gridlocked.

‘They don’t want either to have an election. They don’t want Brexit to get done. They don’t seem to want anything.

“So my urging them would be: if you seriously don’t want to have an election, then let’s get on with a strong domestic agenda of the kind we have.”

The furious PM said he is being “undermined” by MPs who “don’t want Brexit to happen.”

He also insisted that the UK would exit the European Union on October 31 – despite the recently passed Benn Act meaning the country cannot leave without a withdrawal deal being passed in the Commons.


Earlier in the Commons, Mr Johnson blasted Remainer politicians who “thumb their noses” at voters – as he again threw down the gauntlet for an election to face their “day of reckoning”.

In a bold rallying cry in the Commons he blasted cowardly Corbyn for avoiding the people – and insisted Parliament would continue to try and block Brexit for as long as they could.

The public don’t want another referendum and just want Britain to get on with leaving, he raged, shouting over braying MPs screaming at him to resign.

“We will not betray the people who sent us here!” he stormed.

“We will continue to challenge the opposition parties to uphold democracy.

“This parliament will keep delaying, will keep sabotaging negotiations because they don’t want a deal.”

“The electorate are being held captive by this zombie Parliament and this zombie opposition,” he added.

Boris told MPs that Parliament was now ‘paralysed’ and MPs were acting out ‘political selfishness and cowardice’
AP:Associated Press
Clueless Jeremy Corbyn was accused of being held captive by his own party
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“And he wants the entire country to be held captive in the EU after October 31 at a cost of more than £1billion a month.
“We say no, I say no! Let’s get Brexit done and let’s take this country forward.”

Boris went on to break with tradition by calling on smaller parties to call a vote of no confidence in him – which could spark the election he desperately wants.

Traditionally only the Leader of the Opposition can do that, but Boris threw down the gauntlet to the SNP and Lib Dems too tonight.

“If the party opposite does not have confidence in the Government, they will have a chance to prove it,” he blasted.

“I think the people of this country have had enough.

“Out of sheer political selfishness and political cowardice members opposite are unwilling to move aside and let the people have their say.

“This Parliament must either stand aside… or bring a vote of confidence and finally face a day of reckoning with the voters.

“Will they have the courage to act or will they refuse to take responsibility yet again and do nothing but delay?

“Why would they not? What are they scared of?”

In a further twist, Mr Johnson’s spokesman suggested Tories could be whipped to vote down their own Government if Labour tabled a no confidence motion, saying: “It could be a tactical decision.”

Rising to speak after the PM, Mr Corbyn immediately ruled out the election demand until Brexit is delayed and No Deal taken off the table.

He added: “If he wants an election, it’s very simple. Get an extension, and we’ll have an election”.

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