World’s worst driver makes 15 useless attempts to reverse into huge parking space before finally giving up

World’s worst driver makes 15 useless attempts to reverse into huge parking space before finally giving up

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HILARIOUS footage shows the world’s worst driver making 15 attempts to reverse into a huge parking space.

The clip was filmed by an amused resident in the city of Huaihua in southern China, and has been viewed more than 90 million times since being shared online two days ago.

Footage shows a driver try and fail to bay park in a huge space 15 times
At one point the driver and another man try to push the car into the bay


The man twice gives up an leaves his car straddling multiple bays[/caption]

It shows a man in a car park outside a residential block attempt to a bay park in a white SUV.

The space he is reversing into is far wider than his car, and there are no obstacles in front of the bay, but he repeatedly fails to navigate his way in.

After five attempts, he is joined by an acquaintance, who stands behind the car and tries to guide him into the bay, but he fails to make the turn a further three times.

Giving up on the conventional steering-wheel method of manoeuvring a car, the driver gets out and the two attempt to push its back end into the bay.

When that fails, they try its front end – just in case the ground there is any slippier.

The driver then gets back into the car and makes a further three approaches before giving up and parking sideways across two bays at the opposite end of the block.

A second clip shows the same motorist return on another occasion and attempt to park in an even wider space.

This time he makes a meagre four attempts before leaving his car straddling three bays.

Across both videos, the man tries and fails 15 times to complete a bay park.

The video was posted to video-sharing platform TikTok on September 23 by user Xiaoxiang-Jiongge, 30.

It has been liked more than 1.9 million times on Tik Tok and racked up another 12 million views on China’s Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo.

One online user asked: “Did you buy your licence?”

“Is his steering wheel stuck?” said another.

Another user was more sceptical, saying: “The videos must be staged – they can’t both be that stupid!”

A helpful neighbour tries to guide the man into the bay
The two try pushing the car from both ends
The footage was posted online by an amused neighbour and has racked up over 90 million views

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