Thomas Cook branches ‘so underfunded staff had to buy own toilet paper’ while bosses earned millions

Thomas Cook branches ‘so underfunded staff had to buy own toilet paper’ while bosses earned millions

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THOMAS Cook staff had to fork out their own cash to buy toilet paper – while the bosses earned billions, it’s been claimed.

Jennifer Jones, who worked at one of the branches for three years, said she would often have to buy supplies like stationery for her office.

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One staff member said that the changes to her bonus meant she couldn’t afford to pay for her husband’s funeral[/caption]

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Dr Peter Fankhauser was the chief executive of Thomas Cook and took home millions[/caption]

A full-scale inquiry into executive pay at the doomed travel company has been launched after it was revealed bosses earned more than £50million in the past decade.

Jennifer told The Mirror: “We couldn’t even buy toilet paper – I had to buy some myself. It went the same for kitchen roll and paper towels. It was disgusting.”

“We ran out of stationery and we weren’t able to order anything.

“That included paper unless we bought it ourselves – but we wouldn’t be reimbursed for it.”

Humiliated, she said that once a customer went to the stationer’s to buy paper for the struggling staff.

She said that she is ‘furious’ after learning how much executives were paid.

Janine Hawksworth, from Liversedge, West Yorksshire had to ask friends and family to help her pay for her husband’s funeral after he died a week after she lost her job.

She is being helped by a £2,000 appeal after Adrian died, 52, from lung cancer.

Thomas Cook collapse

  • The Government and CAA are working to help passengers fly back to the UK
  • Depending on your location, this will be either on CAA-operated flights or by using existing flights with other airlines
  • If you are due to depart from a UK airport with Thomas Cook Airlines, don’t travel to your UK airport as your flight will not be operating and you will not be able to travel
  • If you are currently abroad and your flight was with Thomas Cook, new flights are being provided to return you to the UK
  • These repatriation flights will only be operating for the next two weeks until October 6
  • For further advice and details of your return journey please read I am currently abroad
  • Also see this page here giving information for customers

Thousands of employees were due to be paid next week but are now facing losing their jobs without any pay.

21,000 members of staff worldwide and 9,000 people based in the UK lose their jobs – while 150,000 holidaymakers had their trips cancelled and were stranded at airports.

The Daily Telegraph reports how Dr Peter Fankhauser, the Swiss chief executive who was in charge from 2014, made £8.3million during his time at the company – which paid out £20million to execs in five years.

This includes a mammoth £2.9million bonus in 2015, while his annual salary crept up from £690,000 in 2014 to £732,100 in the last financial year.

During 2015 to 2016, his salary before any bonuses was £703,800, while it increased to £717,800 in the 2016 to 2017 financial year.

Dr Fankhauser took over from previous chief executive Harriet Green who, in an interview with The Times in 2014, described herself as a “landa”, which she said was a cross between a panda and a lion.

This was in reference to what she described as her gentle yet aggressive style of business.

She said: “Sometimes I am a real lion. I can roar, make things happen, I can change the course through will, energy and just being incredibly aggressive and assertive.

“But I can also be a big panda. If a company is sick, you have to be gentler – big eyes, big hugs.”

Alongside, Dr Fankhauser, chief financial officers Michael Healy and Bill Scott have together been paid around £7million since 2014.

While more than £4million was split during this time between nine other non-executive directors.

The Daily Telegraph also reports that in 2015 Ms Green received a £5.6million bonus, a third of which the paper says she donated to the parents of two children who died on one of the tour operator’s holidays in Corfu.

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom today said she will ask the Insolvency Service to fast-track its investigation into why Thomas Cook collapsed.

All of the travel company's flights are cancelled
All of the travel company’s flights are cancelled
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