Ted Bundy survivors reveal how ‘drunk’ serial killer strangled them and broke every bone in their faces while they slept

Ted Bundy survivors reveal how ‘drunk’ serial killer strangled them and broke every bone in their faces while they slept

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TWO women who survived a brutal attack from notorious serial killer Ted Bundy have come forward to talk about their horrific experiences.

The killer broke into university accommodation and attacked the two women as they slept, with one woman recalling how the twisted murderer broke almost every bone in her face.

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Bundy is thought to have murdered over 24 women[/caption]


Bundy’s victims[/caption]

Karen Pryor and Cheryl Thomas appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and described escaping death by the serial killer, who killed three women that same night.

Bundy was responsible for murdering more than 30 young women over a four-year period in the 1970s. Here’s what you need to know about the sick and depraved killer.


According to reports, he later admitted in prison that he would drink heavily before going on killing sprees, with victims reporting they could smell alcohol on his breath.

In 1978, Bundy attacked a string of women in the Florida State University Chi Omega sorority house after stalking them for weeks, even living on campus under the pseudonym Chris Hagen.

Among these women was Karen Pryor, whose face was crushed as Bundy tried to strangle her to death.

He also attacked Cheryl Thomas in her bed while she slept in her apartment just streets away from the sorority house.

“I had a skull fracture,” Chandler, who now goes by Karen Pryor, told Dr. Oz.

“Most of my bones were broken in my face, my jaw, my orbital bones, my nose. I had teeth knocked out, and my face was cut. Apparently, after he had attacked me, I reacted by trying to protect myself.


“So he broke my arm and crushed my finger.”

“I had two neighbours next door to the duplex that I lived in and they hear something happening next door,” she explained.

“They could hear it through the wall. So they called my house. We had landlines then and it rang and rang and rang and I didn’t answer.

“But during the ringing, they heard sort of running in the house.

“He ran and shoved a big chair in front of the entrance door to my house and then he ran back through to climb through the kitchen windows,” Thomas continued.

“So, they heard this coming on and I think I was moaning. … They called the police.”

Pryor and Thomas told Dr. Oz they wanted to move on with their lives after the heinous attacks.

“I wanted my life back,” said Pryor.

“I didn’t want my life to change. I was happy, I was about to graduate, and I wanted my life back. You weren’t going to take that away from me.”

“I have a lot of support from family, community, Tallahassee, the police department, the sheriffs,” said Thomas.

“There were a lot of people that wanted me to succeed, and they were like hugging you all the time. If not in person, you knew that they had the power within them.”

Karen Pryor and Cheryl Thomas talked about the horror they experienced
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