Minister reveals third election vote is ON as he slams cowardly Labour ‘turkeys’ in devastating rage

Minister reveals third election vote is ON as he slams cowardly Labour ‘turkeys’ in devastating rage

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ATTORNEY General Geoffrey Cox has revealed plans for a THIRD election vote – as he ripped into disgraceful Labour MPs for stopping the PM from going to the people.

After Boris Johnson dashed back from New York to address furious MPs this afternoon, the Cabinet minister told the Commons to watch out for an “election motion that will be coming before the House shortly”.

Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Cox revealed another election vote is on the cards
PA:Press Association

Westminster is reeling today after the dramatic ruling from the Supreme Court yesterday which ruled Boris Johnson’s advice to the Queen on shutting down Parliament was unlawful.

MPs went back to the Commons this morning and immediately vowed to begin trying to wreck Brexit once again.

But Attorney General Sir Geoffrey launched a furious rage into Labour election blockers, tearing them to shreds over their cowardly stance and deeming them “immoral”.

Just hours before the PM was set to address Parliament, he fumed: “This Parliament is a dead Parliament. It should no longer sit. It has no moral right to sit on these green benches.

“Given the opportunity, given since I am asked, let me tell them the truth – they could vote no confidence at any time but they are too cowardly.

“They could agree to a motion to allow this house to dissolve but they are too cowardly.

“This parliament should have the courage to face the electorate. But it won’t.

“Because so many of them are really all about preventing us from leaving the European Union.

“The time is coming Mr Speaker, when even these turkeys won’t be able to prevent Christmas!”

The Cabinet minister blasted Mr Corbyn for repeatedly refusing to vote for an election – despite calling for one for years.

The Attorney General, who admitted the Government did “get it wrong” over the legal advice given during the court case, said Labour MPs were “clinging to their green benches for another few undeserved years” by not backing a fresh vote.

But the minister revealed that the next election vote could be different from the last two.

Boris could decide to bring forward a short “one line bill” to scrap the Fixed Term Parliaments Act – or to bring forward an early vote on top of the current rules.

Boris Johnson has faced calls to quit as he arrived back in No10
Protesters outside Parliament back Boris’ decisions
AP:Associated Press
Boris gets off his RAF flight from New York this morning
BBC supplied by Pixel8000 07917221968

At the moment two thirds of MPs are needed to call an early election under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act – as it’s usually once every five years.

But ditching the law completely would only need the support of half of the House of Commons.

Labour has insisted they won’t vote for an election until after a Brexit delay has been secured and implemented after October 17.

However, the SNP are urging Mr Corbyn to try and topple the PM now, and have said they won’t vote down an early election.

Jeremy Corbyn has again refused to have an election to sort the Brexit mess
PA:Press Association

What happens next now MPs are back in Parliament?

TODAY MPs have returned to Westminster in chaos after the Supreme Court ordered Boris’ shutdown of Parliament as “unlawful”.

In effect, it means that Parliament was never really shut down and just had a short break.
Ministers will give five statements to MPs today in the House of Commons – including on Thomas Cook, Brexit and Iran.

Boris will then address MPs about the damning Supreme Court verdict and will answer their burning questions.

The PM’s spokesperson said this morning he will address the next steps.Boris could try and shut down Parliament yet again – but this is unlikely after the verdict yesterday.

Or he could try and secure a short recess for a few days so the Tories can hold their conference in Manchester next week.

SNP MPs are pushing for a vote of no confidence in Boris to try and topple the Government, but Labour aren’t on board yet.

They don’t want to risk an election where Britain could crash out of the EU without a deal on October 31 in the middle of the campaign.

At the moment the law insists that the PM should seek an extension if they don’t have a deal by October 17.

However, Boris has vowed not to ask for a third delay under any circumstances.

EU leaders have said they will only grant one for a specific purpose – like an election or a second referendum.

But if they are faced with the prospect of a No Deal Brexit, it’s likely they would green-light another delay.

Boris has insisted he WON’T resign despite the chaos but has no majority in the Commons to get anything done.
And without a Queen’s Speech, he can’t bring forward any new laws either.He’s still hoping to secure a deal at the October EU summit, which he will bring back for MPs just days before the Brexit deadline.

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