Heartbreaking video shows ‘starving’ and injured zebra ‘forced to eat its own poo’ at the world’s worst zoo

Heartbreaking video shows ‘starving’ and injured zebra ‘forced to eat its own poo’ at the world’s worst zoo

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HEARTBREAKING video shows a “starving” and wounded zebra, Karo, eating her own poo – because of a lack of food.

An animal rights organisation shared the upsetting footage on social media, saying the animal’s “life has sunk into loneliness” while caged in Mexico.

Karo was filmed eating her own poo, with animal rights campaigners alleging she was not being adequately fed
Central European News
The zebra was also photographed with a gaping wound
Central European News
The animal was filmed at the underfunded San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City
Central European News

The disturbing scenes, reportedly recorded at the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City, were shared by the campaign group.

Claiming the zoo’s animals are suffering because of a lack of food, the group also alleged on social media: “There is not much time, they are dying of starvation, what part don’t you understand?

“It is important to get rid of incompetent workers and for the animals to be attended.”

The organisation claims many of the animals are in poor health, with the zebra in the video suffering from a skin condition. A wildebeest was said to have died there last week.

Campaigners also alleged that workers had recently revealed the deaths of a further 10 animals.

On its Facebook page, the group said there were “no words” to describe what the animal was feeling “and swallowing”, but that the situation was “intolerable”.


It said that people “who are in charge” of such zoos should be fully prepared for the funding needed to feed captive animals.

Labelling de Aragon Zoo as “c***”, the group said Karo had been living in another part of the site for more than eight months before she was transferred “to an enclosure far from the eyes of those who have reported abuses.

“Karo doesn’t even have that bit of freedom any more, doesn’t feel the sun’s rays… no source of distraction, his life has sunk into loneliness.”

San Juan de Aragon Zoo is said to have suffered several budget cuts this year under the local government’s austerity programme.

Mexico City’s incumbent mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, reportedly admitted that the last time the government had invested in the zoo was during the first half of the 2000-2006 administration.

She said specialists were working in the zoo in order to avoid the animals being abused and to check on their living conditions.

Claudia added that funding would be channelled towards the zoo – but not till next year.

De Aragon hasn’t commented on Zaro’s condition.


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