Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt left for dead after explosive row with Tracy Metcalfe over the factory blaze

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt left for dead after explosive row with Tracy Metcalfe over the factory blaze

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FIRE-STARTING Kerry Wyatt will be left for dead in Emmerdale next week following a dramatic confrontation with Tracy Metcalfe over the factory blaze that killed dad, Frank Clayton.

Tracy will be left shocked when Kerry – who’s played by Laura Norton in the ITV soap – finally confesses to her that she started the fire, not Frank, as the police have been led to believe.

Emmerdale’s Kerry will be left to die in the soap this week

Kerry – along with her daughter Amy – are planning to flee the village as it looks like the net is closing in on them and their dark secret.

When Tracy finds that Kerry is hiding passports and one-way tickets, she confronts her, and Kerry is forced to admit the truth.

Tracy is obviously furious while Kerry and Amy are determined to keep their secret. They lock Tracy in the house so she can’t get to the police before their getaway.

But Tracy makes a run for it leading to Kerry and Amy setting chase after her.

It comes after her explosive row with Tracy Metcalfe over the factory blaze

Disaster strikes though when Kerry takes a nasty fall and hits her head – hard.

A horrified Tracy is soon seeing a devastated Amy crying over Kerry’s unresponsive body.

Tracy is left convinced that she’s killed Kerry. Is Kerry really dead?

Kerry and Amy accidentally started the factory blaze which killed Frank back in July as they tried to wipe CCTV footage of Kerry robbing the safe.

The police pinned the tragedy on Frank, but Tracy has been determined to clear his name.


The police pinned the tragedy on Frank[/caption]

Frank died in the blaze

She previously blamed Dawn for the fire, locking her in the church and brutally attacking her as she tried to force a confession from her.

Tracy – who’s played by Amy Walsh in the ITV soap – is still struggling to come to terms with the death of her dad, Frank Clayton.

And after overhearing a secret conversation between Dawn – Olivia Bromley – and her dad Will, Tracy jumps to a fresh conclusion.

Determined to get answers from innocent Dawn, Tracy follows her into the church and locks her inside.

From there, Tracy pushes Dawn to the ground and begins to threaten her with a stick.

The scene left fans terrified, with some even calling for actress Amy to be awarded for her dramatic performance.

One wrote: “Holy moly that scene between Tracy and Dawn Like, can we just give @amywalsh27 all the awards already.

She’s been absolutely brilliant during this storyline! Breaking my heart into a million pieces.”

A second commented: “Tracy full on losing it with Dawn. She would make a new good soap villain?!?!”

Another wrote: “Tracy is mishearing things again she is going to give herself a mental breakdown at this rate.”

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