Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt confesses she killed Frank Clayton to horrified Tracy who threatens to go to the police

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt confesses she killed Frank Clayton to horrified Tracy who threatens to go to the police

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THE truth is finally out in Emmerdale next week as Tracy Metcalfe discovers it was Kerry Wyatt who was responsible for her dad, Frank Clayton’s death.

When Kerry spots Frank’s keyring, she pockets it, but the pressure soon mounts when Tracy tells her she’s called the Hotten Courier to arrange an interview.

Tracy finds out that Amy and Kerry killed Frank in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale

The next day Tracy – who’s played by Amy Walsh in the ITV soap – is confused when she sees Frank’s keyring has fallen from Kerry’s bag.

Kerry and Amy are forced to keep their cool when Tracy questions them about it.

Kerry – Laura Norton – is left squirming when she meets the journalist and is wracked with guilt while she’s interviewed.

Meanwhile, Tracy looks for her dad’s keyring in Kerry’s bedroom but comes across the passports and one-way tickets.

Kerry struggles to keep her cool when interviewed by a journalist over Frank’s death
Andrew Boyce

Wondering why, she confronts Kerry and is left reeling when Kerry is forced to admit she was responsible for Frank’s death.

Trying to protect Amy, Kerry lies and tells Tracy she alone caused the fire.

But when Amy arrives, a furious Tracy is determined to get to the truth out of her.

However, Kerry and Amy are determined to fight to keep their secret and lock Tracy in to stop her going to the police.

The secret comes out when Tracy finds her dad’s possessions in Kerry’s room
Andrew Boyce
Kerry and Amy lock Tracy up in a bid to stop her from going to the police

Will Tracy escape and tell the police what really happened on the night of the fire?

Emmerdale fans know that Kerry and Amy accidentally started the blaze that left Frank dead when they broke into the factory to try and cover their tracks following a previous robbery.

They’d stolen Bernice Blackstock’s fundraising money from the factory safe to pay off someone Amy – Natalie-Ann Jamieson – owed money to.

But they panicked when they realised Kerry would have been caught on CCTV and broke back in to destroy the footage, accidentally causing a devastating fire to sweep through the building.

The police closed the investigation when it seemed like Frank had deliberately started the fire to get revenge on Jai Sharma who had fired him earlier.

Tracy has always been certain of her dad’s innocence and has been determined to clear his name.

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