EastEnders spoilers: Gray Atkins takes pregnant wife Chantelle to A&E and a nurse spots her bruises

EastEnders spoilers: Gray Atkins takes pregnant wife Chantelle to A&E and a nurse spots her bruises

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Gray Atkins could be unmasked as an abuser in dramatic EastEnders scenes tonight.

The legal eagle, who is played by Toby-Alexander Smith in the BBC One soap – will reveal to his pregnant wife Chantelle that he’s going to see a therapist about his violent and controlling behaviour.

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Gray Atkins is angry with Chantelle in EastEnders[/caption]

But when Chantelle accidentally cuts her hand open, he insists he takes her to A&E to get it checked over.

As Chantelle – Jessica Plummer – is being examined, the nurse spots the bruising on her caused by Gray’s recent flurry of violent attacks.

Could Chantelle be about to get the help she so desperately needs?

As the week continues, Chantelle promises she’ll support Gray ahead of his therapy appointment and, in turn, he promises to never hurt her again.

But can he be trusted?


Could Gary Atkins be unmasked as an abuser in EastEnders tonight?[/caption]

Recently EastEnders fans have predicted that seemingly mild-mannered Gray will murder his wife in one of the soap’s darkest storylines ever.

In a departure from the victim of domestic abuse killing their abuser, as happened with Little Mo and Trevor years ago, fans claim it would be a bold move and raise more awareness of domestic violence if the storyline ends with Chantelle’s death.

One fan wrote in an online forum: “The domestic abuse storyline, especially if it ends with Chantelle being killed by Gray – that would be bold and brave of EE so maybe that what is worrying/scaring KO, but I personally think they should go there because it reflect real life domestic abuse cases.”

Another posted: “I also believe they should be bold and have Chantelle die at the hands of her abusive husband.”

As a third shared: “That’s why it would be more powerful because the majority of the viewers like sweet and gorgeous Chantelle and it would have a massive reaction if she were to die at the hands of her abuser. It needs to reflect reality as well and deaths due to domestic abuse are on the rise.”

However, soap boss Kate Oates has said Gray could still be redeemed, hinting at a different scenario altogether.

Gray regularly terrorises his wife Chantelle with mental and physical abuse and manipulation to keep her under his control.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Kate said: “I know there’s been a little bit of conversation about the fact that EastEnders always make their be-suited educated characters villains and it’s so crucial to his character because he works in the law fighting for the little guy.

“That confuses Chantelle because he’s got a social conscience so he’s the opposite of her father who was completely flaky and couldn’t hold down a job as a guy who really does hold down a job.

“Plus the fact that he’s part of this aspirational lifestyle. Gray has got a lot of redeeming qualities.”

Kate added: “Abuse is so often about power. And he enjoys the power that he has over her.

“And characters can change and they can be redeemed, but I believe in those kind of dynamics that ultimately the victim, in this case,Chantelle, their first job is to look after themselves and if Gray could be redeemed later than that’s up to him.

“If Chantelle was my friend I’d want her out of there and I’d want her to take the kids with her.”

She added: “Chantelle’s problem at the moment is that she’s telling nobody.
“Nobody has a single hint that Gray is like this. So I think in a way, not letting anybody in, anybody at all, she’s actually building higher walls around herself but that’s going to be part of the problem.”

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