Chernobyl creator reveals ‘massive problem’ with Game of Thrones after branding pilot episode ‘irreparably damaged’

Chernobyl creator reveals ‘massive problem’ with Game of Thrones after branding pilot episode ‘irreparably damaged’

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THE creator of celebrated Sky and HBO show Chernobyl has spoken candidly about his first impression of Game of Thrones.

Craig Mazin, who worked on the award-winning drama based on the historic nuclear disaster, took a series of questions from the audience after this year’s Emmy Awards wrapped.

Craig Mazin
Craig Mazin helped consult on the Game of Thrones pilot

It didn’t take long for someone to ask for his opinion of Game of Thrones, given that he helped consult on the show after its pilot was filmed.

Mazin made it clear that he saw a serious issue with the initial set of footage.

“I didn’t say [the original pilot episode was a] piece of s**t – what I said was they had a massive problem,” he explained.

“They had a massive problem [and] they fixed it.”

According to Vanity Fair, GOT creator David Benioff previously admitted that when he showed friends the pilot, they complained that Cersei and Jamie’s romance failed to read as incest.

Chernobyl was beloved by critics and viewers alike

Apparently he later changed a whopping 90% of the episode, so clearly he took the feedback on board.

Mazin said of the transformation: “It was one of the most amazing moments of my life – just watching something that I thought was irreparably damaged and then seeing the new episode.

“I was flabbergasted. It wasn’t just that something had gone from troubled to okay, [it was] something that had gone from troubled to mind-blowingly good,” he continued.

Daenerys on a dragon
Game of Thrones won two Emmy Awards this year
Arya proved to be one of the biggest heroes in Game of Thrones

“It’s the most remarkable turnaround in Hollywood history. It became, rightfully so, a legend of television. I’ve watched every second of it.”

Suffice to say the team won him over, then?

Game of Thrones raked in a whopping 32 nominations at last night’s Emmy Awards, bagging the all-important win for Outstanding Drama Series.

Meanwhile Peter Dinklage won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister.

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