Two rockets hit near US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone amid increased tensions

Two rockets hit near US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone amid increased tensions

- in Usa News

TWO rockets have hit near the US Embassy in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone amid heightened tensions between Iran and the US.

The Green Zone houses foreign embassies and Iraqi government buildings.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blasts.

News of the attack came as the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in New York where he is expected to make a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

The leader is expected to propose a “Hormuz Peace” initiative aimed at de-escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf.

The Green Zone is a four sq mile (10sq km) heavily guarded strip on the banks of the Tigris River.

It was known as “Little America” following the 2003 U.S. invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein.

It then became a hated symbol of the country’s inequality, fuelling the perception among Iraqis that their government is out of touch.

The sealed-off area, with its palm trees and monuments, is home to the gigantic U.S. Embassy in Iraq, one of the largest diplomatic missions in the world.

It has also been home to successive Iraqi governments and is off limits to most Iraqis.

Various attempts and promises by the Iraqi government to open the area to traffic over the past years have failed to materialise, because of persistent security concerns.

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