Two massive grizzly bears batter each other in bizarre human-like fist fight

Two massive grizzly bears batter each other in bizarre human-like fist fight

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THIS is the incredible moment two grizzly bears attacked each other – but their moves seem oddly human.

The two bears were caught squaring-up to each other before getting up on their back feet and attacking as if they were in a fist-fight.

The animals stood up on their back legs- as if they were fighting like humans
Tensions rose as the bears growled louder and louder

The show-down began as the two bears growled and hissed loudly at each other – indicating their anger and agitation.

Before long, the dangerous animals stood up on their two back feet – as if they were squaring-up to one another.

As the growling continued, the first bear swooped in with its front legs at whacked the second grizzly.

After numerous attempts to trigger each other, the bears grabbed each other by the head and tumbled into the grass at the climax of their fight.


The cameraman kept their distance as the two grizzlies continued punching and toppling one another.

But the grizzly bears were not alone on the path – a small wolf can be seen watching the fight unfold from a safe space behind the bears.

The bizarre fist-fight-like quarrel lasted just over thirty seconds.

Both grizzly bears reemerged from the shrubbery, before chasing after one another in the cameraman’s direction.

The incredible video was posted on Facebook by Cari McGillivray.

Under the video, the caption read: “Don’t normally post on here but thought I’d share this incredibly rare and amazing moment with all you guys of these grizzlies fighting!

“Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance!”

The grizzlies began to throw punches at each other
The bears got involved in some rough and tumble
They squared-up to each other before running towards the cameraman

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