Naked brothers, aged 2 and 3, rescued from squalid homeless camp after being dumped there by cruel alcoholic parents

Naked brothers, aged 2 and 3, rescued from squalid homeless camp after being dumped there by cruel alcoholic parents

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TWO little boys have been rescued from a homeless camp after being dumped there, naked and barefooted, by their irresponsible parents.

Andrey, 3, and younger brother Maksim, 2, spent a week surrounded by vagrants and drunkards in Zaporizhia, southern Ukraine, where they were cruelly dumped and left to fend for themselves.


The boys were brought to the camp and abandoned by their parents who “wanted to get rid of them and get some rest,” reports claim.

A 42-year-old homeless man, Sergey ended up “babysitting” the naked tots when he saw they had been left to fend for themselves.

He said: “A young couple came and asked to look after their children.

“The boys were completely naked and barefooted.

“The parents said they would go to a shop to buy some food and be back in 20 minutes.

“Then they went away and never came back.”

According to local media, the homeless people shared small amounts of food with the abandoned boys and kept an eye on them to prevent them from getting in harm’s way.


It wasn’t until an onlooker spotted the two young boys in the horrible conditions that the police were alarmed.

Olena Tashevska, who spotted the tots, said: “I was terrified to see two little boys lying there on filthy blankets. They were naked and extremely dirty.

“I immediately called the police.”

Officers and an ambulance arrived, where the brothers were dressed and fellow homeless were interviewed.

Police spokeswoman Dina Kurnikova said: ”The children lived like ‘Mowgli’ boys.

“They did not wear any clothes and drank water from the river.

“The boys were constantly hungry and foraged for food on the nearest beach delving into litter bins.”

Andrey and Maksim were taken to hospital, where they were diagnosed with a cold and malnutrition.


Doctors from the Zaporizhia Children’s hospital understood that the boys suffered from viral infections and could barely walk because of their ailments.

Police found and interrogated their mother Bozhena Synychka, 20, and the father Volodymyr Zaitsev, 25.

The couple told police that “they got tired of looking after the boys and needed to have some rest,” local media reported.

It is understood Synychka and Zaitsev make money by scavenging for scrap metal and selling it.

Police have now launched a criminal investigation against the parents for failing to fulfil their parental duties. The suspects face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Local social services are going to sue the parents and deprive them of parental rights.

Andrey and Maksim will be placed in an orphanage until the court has made a decision.


The condition of the homeless camp the boys were found in[/caption]


The brothers are now recovering in hospital[/caption]


Food was rationed when the boys were in the homeless camp[/caption]


The mother, Bozhena Synychka, 20, is now being investigated[/caption]


The brothers were malnourished and weak when they were found[/caption]

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