Katie Price slammed by fans for ‘putting new puppies lives at risk’ after taking Sparkle out for a run

Katie Price slammed by fans for ‘putting new puppies lives at risk’ after taking Sparkle out for a run

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KATIE Price’s has been slammed by fans for appearing to put her new puppies lives at risk after taking Sparkle out for a run alongside her other dog Bear.

The ex glamour model sparked concern amongst her loyal followers as some called out her suggested breach of “breeding protocol” – as they believed Sparkle had recently given birth.

Katie Price’s snap of her dogs heading out for a morning run worried some fans

A handful of fans noted her cheerful snap, which showed tan-coloured pedigree Alsatian Sparkle and half sister jet black Bear peeking over the back seat of her car.

Katie uploaded it with the words: “Monday morning run with my …” before she added a dog Emoji icon.

Yet it caused some fans to worry for Sparkle after believing she has recently had puppies.

They said if so, Sparkle should not have been allowed out for a run, with one commenting: “She shouldn’t be going out she could bring back all sorts back to her puppy’s.”

Some Instagram users believe Sparkle recently had a litter, so should not be away from the puppies
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The fans believed ‘breeding protocol’ suggests Sparkle should be kept with the litter to minimise risk infection
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Another put: “The dog should never have had pups this young!” as one quizzed: “Hasn’t she just had puppies?”

One fan added: “I’d hate to think of anyone having a case of fading puppy because they are unaware of breeding protocol x.”

An Instagram user, who appeared a little confused as to which dog had had the litter, added: “Hang on has Bear not just had puppies? Please don’t run her outside the garden. You’re putting the litter at risk.”

A final user, commenting directly underneath, posted: “I was thinking the same thing.”

Katie is a proud pet owner as well as mum of five
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While there appear to be no specific guidelines on taking mother dogs out while their puppies are very young, it is recommended they stay close to their brood and are only let into the garden.

Website WikiHowsuggests only short breaks for the mother dog outside, and states: “Allow the new mom to set her schedule.

“During the first 2-4 weeks, the new mom will be very busy keeping track and taking care of the puppies. She won’t want to be too far from the puppies for very long.

“It will be important for her to have access to them to keep the puppies warm and fed and clean. Take her out for short bathroom breaks for only five to 10 minutes.”

New mum dogs generally stay close by their puppies

Website pets.thenest suggests contact between the mum, puppies and anyone outside the home should be limited initially.

It states: “Do not expose the mother and puppies to the possibility of infection or illness by inviting everyone you know to see the cute little family.

“Every visitor carries any number of bacteria and viruses, which could pass to the puppies and mother and make them sick.

“Wait until the puppies are at least a month old before exposing them to visitors.”

Another website recommended keeping the mother dog close to home and put: “After 24 hours have passed since your dog gave birth, you can take her outside to encourage her to relieve herself.”

There is nothing to suggest Katie, who recently split with Kris Boyson, has done anything wrong with regard to her care for the animals.

She appeared to bypass any concern, instead replying to one fan online with the comment: “They are so cute x”

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