Coronation Street: How long is David Platt in prison for? Here’s all you need to know

Coronation Street: How long is David Platt in prison for? Here’s all you need to know

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DAVID Platt is set for a frustrating time in Coronation Street this week as fiancée Shona Ramsey finally reveals to him the extent of son Max’s increasingly bad behaviour.

But just how long is David inside for? Here’s everything you need to know.

David Platt
David Platt was sent to prision

How long is David Platt in prison for?

David – who is played by Jack P Shepherd in the ITV soap – was sent to prison back in July.

He was sentenced for four months which means he should hopefully be out sometime in October.

But not before some major drama goes down at the prison. The Sun Online revealed earlier this month that David will stab his rapist Josh Tucker in a prison riot plot.

During the clashes, David will come face-to-face with Josh – who drugged and raped him last year – and stabbed him in the chaos.

Shona has been living without David since he got sent to prison

To make matters worse, David’s family watch the drama unfold on the news as police surround the prison.

David manages to call Shona from inside the jail during the riot.

He tells her Josh has been stabbed – and it doesn’t look like he is going to make it.

But when she asks whether he stabbed him, David does not answer.

Josh – who’s played by Ryan Clayton – was last seen on screen last year when David bundled him into a car and forced him to admit to the rape. 

Why is David in prison?

David was sent down for his part in the theft of £80k from Audrey Roberts. Even though it was his brother, Nick Tilsley, who actually stole the money, David helped him spend it.

Nick got away with a two-year suspended sentence, but David – who was on licence at the time for his attack on Gary Windass following the rape – was sent down.

Since then Shona has been struggling to look after David’s kids on her own, particularly Max who has stopped taking his ADHD medication.

Later this week Shona will discover that Max is selling his meds at school and feels she has no choice but to ‘fess up to David.

David’s furious that she’s kept this from him, but he eventually comes round and tells Shona that he can’t live without her.

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