‘Biblical’ swarm of dragonflies stretches across THREE US states after baffling radar experts

‘Biblical’ swarm of dragonflies stretches across THREE US states after baffling radar experts

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A “BIBLICAL” swarm of dragonflies has made its way across THREE US states after baffling meteorologists and radar experts.

The mystery cloud was seen stretching over swathes of the Midwest including Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Hoards of dragonflies inundated front yards across the Midwest


The National Weather Service addressed the phenomena, posting: “Bit of a radar conundrum today.

“No rain around the region with decent returns on radar. Usually we’d think we’re seeing bugs.”

The service added: “Migrating dragonflies is a possibility … They migrate in fall, usually prior to cooler weather arriving, and towards areas where more precipitation has fallen recently.

“That said, not sure DFs can fly that high or if they move in numbers great enough to produce these returns.”

The National Weather Service station in Cleveland also picked up the huge cloud, saying: “This is not rain being observed by the radars”.

They added: “While we are not biological experts, we have determined (through input from our followers) that it’s most likely dragonflies mixed with other insects/birds!”

Social media quickly became awash with residents posting videos of the dragonfly hordes.

George Cheripko said: “I had so many in my yard. Felt like King Kong with all the planes around him.”

Ohio resident Christine Pence said: “Dragonflies eating smaller insects and flying through my sprinkler tonight.”

Jason Dickhart added: “I saw a million dragonflies in my yard yesterday. Squirrels were going nuts.”

Ohio State University Entomology Professor Norman Johnson said the dragonflies were likely Green Darners, named due to their resemblance to a darning needle.

They fly south at the end of the summer to reach warmer climates in the southern states and central American countries.

“The big swarms have been recorded a lot over the years, but they’re not regular,” he told CNN.

In July, millions of grasshoppers descended on Las Vegas’ glitter strip in what was dubbed the ‘Great Grasshopper Invasion of 2019′.

The insects – which are attracted to the casino metropolis’ abundance of light – have inundated the city streets and blanketed pavements.

The arrival of millions of migratory pallid-winged grasshoppers was attributed to the unusually wet weather from months before.

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