American Horror Story: 1984 fans convinced they’ve identified serial killer and major twist just one episode in

American Horror Story: 1984 fans convinced they’ve identified serial killer and major twist just one episode in

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AMERICAN Horror Story: 1984 returned to screens last week in suitably petrifying fashion.

This time around the anthology series, created by Ryan Murphy, is set in an 80s summer camp in an homage to the classic films of the time.

American Horror Story's Margaret
Margaret has become a prime suspect among fans

Since its early days, the murders previously carried out at the lakeside camp still remain enshrouded in mystery, with only the testimony of Margaret (Leslie Grossman) to provide some background.

Currently the mysterious Mr. Jingles is the obvious suspect, but fans think they’ve figured out a more likely identity for the killer in a sinister twist.

“Okay so here’s what I’ve been kicking around: Leslie Grossman’s character didn’t survive the first massacre, she was the killer,” Reddit user Dr_Shroomin hypothesised.

“Clearly she’s supposed to be the dorky/less sexually desirable etc. girl in her bunk, so she snapped and killed the other campers,” they went on.

“Then blamed whoever Mr. Jingles is and got him locked up – the camp janitor?”

Next they went on to detail how the falsely accused character would endeavour to prevent more bloodshed as Margaret extends her reign of terror.

“Years later she reopens the camp. Mr. Jingles breaks out to try and stop her as she starts her spree all over again with the next gen of campers,” they continued.

Matthew Morrison's bulge
American Horror Story fans were stunned by Matthew Morrison’s bulge

“So the episode description about Mr. Jingles getting close to the sole survivor while the others are trapped ends up being him getting closer to stopping her as she is killing off the new kids.

“They don’t reveal it at first, but drop it as a twist later on so in the first couple of episodes you think it’s Mr. Jingles doing it, until they do something like have Leslie running and hiding with one of the campers who she turns around and murders on camera.”

The post was 95% upvoted by other fans of the show, making it the leading theory from the show’s debut episode.

Elsewhere in the series premiere, Glee legend Matthew Morrison left fans stunned with his ‘colossal’ bulge.

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