8 Emmerdale spoilers this week including the tense moment Moira leaves Cain horrified

8 Emmerdale spoilers this week including the tense moment Moira leaves Cain horrified

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IT’s all kicking off in Emmerdale next week with some ‘who’s the daddy?’ drama for Andrea as her daughter Millie injures herself in a riding accident.

Meanwhile, a furious Moira wastes no time in going for Harriet and Will all guns blazing – but why? Here’s the lowdown from the Dales…

It’s all kicking off in the Dales this week

1. Millie is injured in a horse accident

Andrea and Jamie are sent into panic when their little daughter Millie is injured in a riding accident.

Kim tells Jamie not to take out Blaze, but he ignores her instructions.

The horse kicks off, leaving the others spooked and little Millie gets caught up in the chaos and is rushed to hospital.

Jamie blames himself, while Kim tries to reassure him that it was just an accident.

Millie Tate is injured in a horse accident

2. Graham wants the truth

At the hospital, Graham is stunned when he hears Andrea tell a doctor Millie’s date of birth.

He soon confronts her and demands to know if he’s Millie’s biological dad. Say, what??

Graham overhears Andrea give a different date of birth for Millie

3, Andrea fears Graham will ruin her life

Andrea tells Graham that Jamie is definitely Millie’s dad, but her reaction leaves him even more convinced that she’s lying.

Angry when she avoids his calls, Graham confronts Andrea again demanding answers.

When he doesn’t get the answers he needs, a furious Graham – Andrew Scarborough – leaves an angry voicemail on her phone, threatening to reveal everything.

Terrified her family is built on a lie, Andrea begs Graham to keep their one-night stand a secret. But will he?

Andrea begs Graham to keep their one-night stand a secret

4. Matty almost catches Nate and Moira

Nate and Moira continue to be not very subtle about the fact they’re having a steamy affair.

This time it’s Moira’s son Matty who almost catches them in the act when he tries to get into the caravan while they’re romping.

Matty, if the caravan is rocking, don’t come knocking.

The randy pair end up being trapped in the van while Matty hunkers down with a spliff outside – leaving Moira having to climb out of the window.

Emmerdale fans have watched in horror as mucky Moira has romped with Nate on the hay bales and more.

And they were delighted last week when she seemed to call time on the affair.

Moira was worried her secret lover was starting to think their relationship was more than just casual sex, so she ditched him – leaving him furious, hitting the bottle and threatening to derail her life.

Matty almost catches Nate and Moira in the act

5. Moira catches Matty taking drugs

With the anniversary of Holly’s death on her mind, Moira is horrified when she runs into a stoned Matty as she makes her escape from her and Nate’s love shack.

She’s seething at him. But what will she do?

Moira catches Matty taking drugs

6. Moira turns on Harriet

Moira is furious when she discovers Harriet’s relationship with convicted drug dealer, Will.

And she’s even more on the war path when she discovers Cain knew the truth about their – very complicated – history.

Moira becomes convinced that Will sold the weed to Matty and wastes no time in going for Harriet, all guns blazing.

7. Moira exposes Harriet and Will

A seething Moira interrupts the harvest festival at the church and reveals to a shocked congregation that Will’s a convicted drug dealer.

Meanwhile, Cain is horrified at Moira’s nasty behaviour.

Is this another nail in the coffin for their marriage? It’s not looking great, is it?

Moira accuses Will of being a drug trafficker at the Harvest festival

8. Zak and Faith’s secret is out

Bear makes another play for Faith’s affection, but when she rejects him he reveals the truth about her kiss with Zak.

Belle is horrified when she hears what happened so soon after Lisa’s death.

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