Mum gatecrashes misbehaving son’s maths lesson to stop him being rude to teachers

Mum gatecrashes misbehaving son’s maths lesson to stop him being rude to teachers

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A MUM shocked her son by turning up to his maths lesson and sitting with him so he would stop misbehaving and being rude to his teachers.

Becky Crandley, 30, received phone calls and emails about her son’s behaviour – so she took matters into her own hands and joined Harley’s lesson at The Sittingbourne School in Kent.

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Becky Crandley embarrassed her son Harley by gatecrashing his maths lesson to stop him from being rude to his teachers[/caption]

The mum-of-five decided to sit next to her 12-year-old son after a teacher told her about his disrespectful attitude at school.

She said: “Harley’s maths teacher got in touch with me last week and said he was calling out in class.

“He’s not a bad lad.

“He’s not aggressive or anything like that, but it’s just his disrespect towards the teachers and the attitude he gives across at school – he’s not like it at home.

“It’s frustrating because he is intelligent but he’s just pushing it aside to fit in.”

Completely unaware of his mum’s plans, Harley was shocked to find Becky joining him for the final half an hour of his maths class at school.

As suspected, the boy’s name was already written on the whiteboard for misbehaving in the lesson.

Becky, from Sittingbourne, Kent, said: “He didn’t have a clue.


“When I got there his name was already on the board for calling out.

“When he saw me walk through the door his face went so red with embarrassment.

“He put his head down in shame like ‘oh my god, my mum is here’ – it did make me chuckle.”

Despite the initial embarrassment, the 12-year-old got on with his work – and Becky believes the ordeal has made her son think twice before disrespecting his teachers again.

She added: “I went and sat down next to him and he asked me why I was there.

“I said it’s because of your behaviour and the disrespect you show your teachers.

“I then told him he needed to get on with his work and do as he was told – and he did exactly that.

“I sat next to him the whole time, I was checking his work and everything, it was brilliant.

“As far as Harley is concerned, something needed to be done and I think he’ll definitely think twice now.

“He knows I will come to every lesson with him if needs be.”

After telling others about her discipline technique – the mum-of-five said she’s received many positive and supportive comments from other parents.

She said: “It’s not about shaming my son, it’s about doing what’s right and telling other parents they can stand up and make a change.

“A lot of parents blame the teachers and it’s not them.

“If my son ruins his education now, he has ruined his future already, and I’m not having that.

“I think the school was really good to have let me do it and they should do it more.”


The mum-of-five joined her 12-year-old son in his maths lesson at The Sittingbourne School in Kent[/caption]

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