Game of Thrones prequel was filmed in a Belfast car park to keep it top secret, reveals Jonathan Ross

Game of Thrones prequel was filmed in a Belfast car park to keep it top secret, reveals Jonathan Ross

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THE Game Of Thrones prequel was filmed in a Belfast car park to keep it top secret.

The hugely anticipated series was written by Jonathan Ross’s wife Jane Goldman, 49, and the broadcaster, 58, has revealed it was the biggest set he’s ever seen.

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Jonathan Ross revealed the Game Of Thrones prequel was filmed in a Belfast car park to keep it top secret[/caption]

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “I’ve been living more or less in Belfast, where they filmed it, for the past six months.

“I’ve never seen a bigger set, they built it in a car park and surrounded it with containers to block it off from view.

“But people could still see it as it was next to the Titanic Museum, which has an observation deck that oversees it – ‘Oh look, Naomi Watts.”

And Ross also revealed he’s one of a small number of people to have viewed the pilot episode, calling the cast “great”.

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John Simm, right, stars in the upcoming series[/caption]

Earlier this month John Simm revealed the pilot had been filmed and was set 1,000 years before the original HBO show.

Speaking on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, the actor, 49, remained coy on plot details and admitted he had to binge watch the entire eight series of Game Of Thrones before filming.

After John tentatively admitted he is starring, Chris said: “I can tell from your grimace, they have ensured you are on the secret bandwagon…. oh really one of those ones!”

When probed, John said: “Yeah… look there has been some stuff released – Naomi Watts and Miranda Richardson is in it.

“I am in it, other people are in it. We have already shot the pilot already. That is all I can say.”

There was lots of preparation needed before John shot his scenes, with the star continuing: “They didn’t give me a quiz but I did have to download every single episode and watch it all in about a month.”

Speaking on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, the actor remained coy on plot details
Virgin Radio

He described his costume as “really cool” before adding the prequel is set 1,000 years before the events of the original.

Chris then joked: “We have just heard you are fired! Too much information. The whole building is flashing now. Simms is fired, Simms is fired! (laughing). He is within a hundred years, it is too much of the plot to give away.

John quipped: “So I’m just in the pilot! You will see my decapitated head in episode 2!”

The star’s setting claim is at odds with previous reports that dated the new series at between 5,000 and 10,000 years before the original.

HBO previously said the series, which has long been rumoured to be called The Long Knight, will chronicle “the world’s descent from the Golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour”.


The timeline means the new series will not feature old cast members[/caption]

The history of the White Walkers could be shown in more detail
Game of Thrones © 2019
The Children Of The Forest will reportedly feature

The Age of Heroes was when winter reigned supreme and the period in time which saw the First Men and the Children of the Forest come together to agree on a peace pact.

The Children created the terrifying White Walkers from GoT to defend against the Men who were destroying their habitat and their people.

Network HBO has also said: “The horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the White Walkers, the mysteries of the East, to the Starks of legend… it’s not the story we think we know.”

A source previously The Sun: “Thrones fans will be delighted to hear things have started with the prequel. Those working on the set in Belfast are referring to the series as Bloodmoon.

“Producers have put together a stellar cast and it will be must-watch telly for anyone who loves Game Of Thrones.”

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