Furious Tom Watson says Labour is REMAIN and blasts Corbyn’s Brexit dithering – as MPs warn he must pick a side NOW

Furious Tom Watson says Labour is REMAIN and blasts Corbyn’s Brexit dithering – as MPs warn he must pick a side NOW

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A FUMING Tom Watson has today insisted Labour is a Remain party as he and other top figures openly defied Jeremy Corbyn’s dithering Brexit stance.

The Deputy Leader insisted Labour must betray millions of Brits who voted to Leave and campaign to Remain in another referendum.

Tom Watson insisted Labour is a Remain party – and he wouldn’t support another Brexit fudge

He led a string of senior figures in demanding the party stop sitting on the fence and kicking the can down the road over Brexit.

Speaking just hours after a failed plot to oust him from his job yesterday, Mr Watson stormed: “We are a Remain Party. We are a European Party. We are an internationalist party. That is who we are.

“Not perfect, not pure. But overwhelmingly committed to Britain remaining in Europe and reforming Europe.”

And he hit out at the “lone wolf” plot from Momentum boss Jon Lansman to try and boot him out, adding: “He’s undermined me, he’s undermined Jeremy and he’s undermined the party. He’s a little bit out of his depth.”

“There is a battle for the future of the Labour party,” he said.

And London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry weighed in behind Remain too today, as the party met in Brighton for its annual conference.

Mr Khan begged members: “Do not accept any “compromise” on Brexit, do not accept a fudge, do not delay us setting out what our stance would be in any future referendum.

“Labour is a Remain party and we need to make this official by making it our policy to campaign to stay in the European Union under all circumstances – and to whip all our MPs to back that position.
“Staying neutral in the face of the biggest economic and social threat to our country for decades is simply not an option.”
Ms Thornberry called on members at conference to “thrash out” the position now, and warned that Labour’s failure to agree a position harmed them deeply in the European elections earlier this year.
“The lesson we should learn from the European election is we do need to be clear,” she added.

But Mr Corbyn insisted this morning that the party would negotiate a new Brexit deal and THEN figure out whether to campaign for it or back staying in the EU for good.

He refused NINE times to say how the party would campaign in another vote  – in a desperate attempt to keep all sides of his warring party on side.

But Jeremy Corbyn said the party should decide whether to back Brexit or not later on – after an election

Tonight party members and union activists will meet to thrash out their conference Brexit position – which will be put to a vote tomorrow of all the party.

It’s expected to go on late into the night as both sides of the party battle it out on whether to formally back Remain no matter what, or kick the can down the road with yet another Brexit fudge.

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