Dad wrote ‘tonight, I will kill my kids’ before murdering his wife and three children

Dad wrote ‘tonight, I will kill my kids’ before murdering his wife and three children

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A YOUNG dad wrote a series of disturbing diary entries days before murdering his wife, children, and mother-in-law.

Anthony Harvey, 25, bludgeoned and stabbed wife Mara, 41, daughter Charlotte, 3, and twin daughters Alex and Beatrix, 2, at the family home in Perth, Australia.

Anthony Harvey bludgeoned and stabbed to death his wife Mara along with the couple’s three daughters
He later murdered mother-in-law Beverley Quinn, pictured with grandchildren Charlotte, Alex, and Beatrix

He then waited for Mara’s mother, Beverley Quinn, 73, to arrive the next day before killing her in the same way.

Harvey pleaded guilty to the murders at a trial in June, and the following month was sentenced to life in prison with an order that he never be released.

The caught heard Harvey waited for Mara to come home from a night shift at a local supermarket on September 3 2018 before hitting her with a piece of pipe and stabbing her to death.

He then stabbed his daughters as they slept, with three-year-old Charlotte later found to have suffered 38 stab wounds.

Beverley Quinn was then killed when she arrived the following morning as usual to help with childcare.


Days earlier, Harvey had taken Mara to a bank and gotten her to authorise him to access her bank account without her present.

Five days after the murders, and having withdrawn £21,000 from her accounts, Harvey drove 870 miles tp the town of Pannawonica on the northwestern coast of Australia, where his parents lived.

There, he confessed to his father what he’d done, saying: “I’ve done something really wrong.

“I’ve hurt all of them.

“I’ve hurt them all.

“I miss them.

“Why would I hurt them?

His father then took him to the local police station, where he confessed.


The bodies of were later found covered and arranged as though they were cuddling, surrounded by the children’s favourite toys.

Handwritten notes were also found, address to Mara and Beverley, in which Harvey said he loved them, he was sorry, that he would do anything to undo what had happened and that he thought he had lost his mind.

A search of his car also uncovered photos of the bodies as well as journals written by Harvey, one of which was titled: “This book is intended to explain and document my journey”.

One entry read: “Tonight, I will kill my wife and bludgeon and smother my daughters.

“Then the real hunting begins … but first my loved ones.”

The journals also listed what Harvey called his “options”, which included leaving unannounced, divorce, “making family disappear” and “eliminating” them.

Harvey is the first person to be handed a “never to be released” sentence since changes were brought in to Western Australia’s homicide laws in 2008.

At sentencing, Justice Stephen Hall said: “There is no other case that is truly comparable”.

Harvey had written in journals about ‘eliminating’ his family
Harvey was sentenced in July to life in prison without the possibility of release

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