The ‘climate strike’ kids aren’t the issue… but the sinister doomsday cult that uses them are

The ‘climate strike’ kids aren’t the issue… but the sinister doomsday cult that uses them are

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Climate cult

AT least the “climate strike” kids mostly mean well. That’s not remotely true of the sinister doomsday cult which uses them.

These middle-class children and their parents waving twee placards are the dupes of a Marxist mob whipping up unscientific hysteria hoping to normalise their true aim: revolution.

The ‘climate strike’ kids aren’t the issue… the sinister doomsday cult that uses them are

Children can be excused of their ignorance. Not so parents and teachers. Nor politicians too timid to call them out.

Official data does NOT support apocalyptic extinction scares. And the protesters’ impossible demands, a zero-carbon world by 2030, would impoverish billions.

Their claim that our Government “ignores” the issue is simply absurd. One of its biggest wins has been to make Britain a world leader in carbon reduction.

Our emissions are vanishingly tiny compared with other giant economies. Why won’t the Tories set the record straight? They are losing the PR war.

We admire kids backing a cause. They should be in school learning the facts, not bunking off to promote extremist propaganda they have been force-fed.

As for the adults baselessly terrifying them about the future, they are despicable.

Danger man

IRELAND’S Deputy PM Simon Coveney has become a liability to the EU.

He needs to stop pretending his hardman act can halt Brexit, accept that it MUST happen, that the Irish backstop is dead . . . and work from there.

Ireland’s Deputy PM Simon Coveney must stop pretending he’ll be able to halt Brexit
PA:Press Association

If his stubbornness triggers No Deal, the border problems he most fears will be upon him immediately, not in two years.

And there is a more disturbing edge to a politician of his influence warning of civil unrest.

Last month a source close to him also claimed a republican terror attack on cops forced our Government to soften up over the backstop.
We do not believe he is willing-on any act that might work in his favour. But Coveney’s recklessness is dangerous.

Zero Marx

LABOUR begins its conference a dismal third in the polls under the least popular political leader since records began.

Corbyn is still Britain’s only person undecided between Leave and Remain.

Jeremy Corbyn might feel ‘daunted’ – but imagine the sheer terror voters feel

And, in another stroke of PR genius, he now admits he’s “daunted” by the idea of becoming PM. How inspiring!

If you’re daunted, comrade, try to imagine the sheer terror voters feel.

Scrum on, lads

AFTER cricket’s triumphant World Cup and thrilling Ashes, we’re now in for a mouth-watering six-week rugby feast.

We’ll be cheering on the four Home Nations in Japan, with England, Ireland and Scotland all in action this weekend.

Come on you reds, you whites, you blues and you greens!

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