Strict mum forces her son’s friends to sign a contract before they sleep over

Strict mum forces her son’s friends to sign a contract before they sleep over

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A STRICT mum has been condemned as “insane” after forcing her son’s mates to sign a contract before they sleep over.

The bizarre list of rules bans “touching or tickling other people”, and demands “no nudity in front of anyone else, whatsoever”.

The strict rules have prompted hundreds of comments on Reddit, with one person saying ‘this lady’s kids are going to have NO friends’

They were shared on discussion website Reddit, where 66 people voted she was “insane”, nine said the unnamed woman was “not insane” and two considered the contract “fake”.

Her rules include kids getting changed “in a private space, not in company of anyone else”.

The third demand stipulates that, “disruptions including excess volume of voice or electronics will result in suspension of such privileges.

“This means no shouting, interrupting or blasting the TV or iPad.”

Whingeing kids are also not welcome, with the mum firmly stating, “complaining will not be tolerated.

“Constructive requests are encouraged in a calm, polite tone of voice.”

Changing of clothes will be done independently and in a private space with the individual not in company of anyone else.

Rule-making mum

After the rules comes long-winded statements that the child’s pals also have to agree to before even stepping into the house.

In short, these include showing respect.

But there’s a warning, too, that if their behaviour fails to meet the mum’s strict standards “future play dates or sleepovers might not occur again without serious consideration”.

Plus, the young visitors have to promise to “do their best to preserve [the mum’s] calm demeanour and peace of mind by abiding her wishes.”

It’s believed the kids are about ten years of age.

The rules have so far prompted nearly 1,000 comments on Reddit, including from one mother who slammed it as “completely insane”.

And another wondered: “Are Americans just generally weird about this?”

But one joked: “If my friend’s mom was this crazy I’d try to find a way to sneak them outta there.”

Many wrote about making minors sign a contract, and said that it was “not legally binding”.

However one relieved child said: “Makes me feel grateful my mom was never this controlling.”

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