Millions of German wasps invade homes across Britain after eating apples which make them drunk and angry

Millions of German wasps invade homes across Britain after eating apples which make them drunk and angry

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MILLIONS of “drunk” German wasps are invading homes in the UK and repeatedly stinging their victims.

The German wasp is very similar to the Common wasp in the UK but has three black spots on its face and is said to be more aggressive that its counterpart.

A German wasp can be recognised by the three black dots on its face
Getty – Contributor
Leo, pictured with mum Lindsay Compton, was stung 12 times by a swarm of angry wasps

The incoming variety normally feast on flies and caterpillars but with these dwindling due to the end of summer the flying insects have started on a diet of “cider” – the juice from apples – which is thought to have increased their aggressiveness.

A two-year-old toddler Leo was recently stung at least 12 times by the angry wasps after his mum Lindsay had taken him to a playground.

She had taken him to the Orbit Housing Association playground near her home in Great Blakenham, Suffolk.

The toddler was stung repeatedly by a swarm of wasps from a nest underneath the slide and Lindsay rushed him to A&E.


She said: “There was a swarm – maybe 20 of them and they were everywhere, and three of them got into his hair.

“It was a moment of pure panic and helplessness.

“He was really badly swollen afterwards and was very upset for the next couple of hours.”

Fortunately the swelling has now started to subside and Leo’s mum says he is returning to his usual happy self.

In a Facebook post, a council member said the wasps were acting “quite aggressively” and suggested families avoid using the slide.

A spokesman for Orbit Housing Association said a team of pest control contractors have now removed the nest.

The advice from fire brigades is for people to leave nests well alone and not to smoke them out.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has warned people that using pest control smoke bombs and trigger fire alarm systems.

Spokeswoman Katie Cornhill said: “While it must have made perfect sense to set the devices and then leave home for the day, because of the fumes they generate, the smoke was enough to set off the smoke alarms.

“Smoke bombs are best used by pest control experts, as they know how to mitigate the risks, and certainly professional advice should be sought before using such devices in the home.”

Ambulance services have also warned people to think twice about calling 999 if they get stung.

A spokesman for the East of England ambulance service said: “Most insect bites and stings, although they can be painful, are not dangerous and can be treated at home.

“If your symptoms persist over several days then we’d advise you to contact your GP.”

An estimated three in 100 people suffer a severe reaction to a wasp or hornet sting.

German wasps emerge from an underground nest
Getty – Contributor
Feasting on rotting apples is thought to make the wasps more aggressive
Getty – Contributor

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