Megan McKenna cheated on Pete Wicks, claims Towie’s Amber Turner

Megan McKenna cheated on Pete Wicks, claims Towie’s Amber Turner

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MEGAN McKenna cheated on ex Pete Wicks when they were in a relationship, according to Towie star Amber Turner.

The blonde beauty, 26, was shocked to hear Pete call her “manipulative and unpopular” and believes it’s because he thinks she kept Megan’s alleged infidelity from him.

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Megan McKenna cheated on ex Pete Wicks when they were in a relationship, according to Towie star Amber Turner[/caption]

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, she said: “I honestly didn’t know Pete had such a problem with me.

“Apparently it is because Megan cheated on him and he thinks I knew about it. Even though we were best friends I never knew. I don’t even know if it is true to this day but he thinks I knew all about it. Megan is a very private person and wouldn’t have told me anything.

“Megan and I don’t even speak much any more. It was such a long time ago I don’t know why he is holding on to it. I could hold on to things people have said about me but I just want to move forward.”

However, a source close to Megan categorically denied she cheated, saying: “Megan did not cheat on Pete and she made this clear when she left the show two years ago. Pete and Amber had issues a long time before Megan and Pete broke up.”

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The blonde beauty, 26, was shocked to hear Pete call her ‘manipulative and unpopular’[/caption]

Megan and Pete split in 2017 after around 18 months of dating after she discovered Pete had been sexting other girls.

They were rocked by a sex text scandal in September 2016 but reunited a few months later and were officially back together by December that year.

However, their roller coaster romance hit the skids again in March 2017 after non-stop rows and they split again, with emotional scenes airing on Towie.

They called it quits for good in October 2017.

A source close to Megan insists she never cheated on Pete

Pete came under fire this week after he called Amber “desperate” for reuniting with her ex Dan Edgar on Sunday’s Towie, with some branding him a “bully”.

Addressing the row, Amber said: “I think it is bizarre. I wasn’t desperate to make it work because I had moved on.

“I had blocked him [Dan]. I was seeing someone else and wanted to move on. I didn’t expect to see him in Ibiza and have all those feelings still. Dan was the one who was begging to get me back.

“I thought I was over Dan because I hadn’t seen him for a while. I was convinced I was over him and had moved on. Then I saw him and all the feelings came back.”

Amber was diplomatic when it came to her love rival Chloe Sims, who she rivalled for Dan’s affections earlier this year.

She said: “I don’t hate her. I wish her the best. I hope she meets her prince charming. At the end of the day that’s what everyone wants is to meet the one and settle down so I hope she meets him soon.”

Yesterday Pete hit back at a petition to get him sacked from the show after the bullying accusations.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online the reality star, 30, said “I am many things but a bully isn’t one of them.”

Pete has hit back at claims he is a ‘bully’
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He went on: “I have never been a bully and never will be. I have made many mistakes in my life but I have always apologised and I will always hold my hands up if I am wrong but I don’t have any regrets about what I have said about Amber.

“I stand by everything I have said. It’s my opinion it isn’t bullying. That’s what we are on the show to do.”

Pete, who is close friends with Chloe Sims, has repeatedly slammed Amber on the show – who is now dating Chloe’s ex Dan again.

It all kicked off on Towie’s Sunday night’s episode when viewers thought Pete was unnecessarily harsh to Amber and branded him a bully after he called her “desperate”.

Fans called him a ‘bully’ after he clashed with Amber Turner on Towie

Fans saw Pete fuming to Chloe and Vas Morgan that Dan had criticised his behaviour towards Amber.

He said: “The hardest thing for me is that Dan full well knows I’ve done nothing wrong”.

Viewers then took to Twitter to brand him a “bully” and petition for him to be sacked.

But when we questioned Pete about Amber he said: “A lot happens off screen which the viewers don’t see and it’s easy to make an opinion without knowing the full history.

The reality star told The Sun he thought Amber was ‘manipulative’

“I’m not going to say Amber likes to play the victim but when a large number of the group don’t particularly warm to someone it is for valid reasons and there are tell tales signs about that person.

“I don’t like the way she speaks to people and has treated people.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with Dan. She’s done a lot over the years which has alienated herself from a lot of the cast. She can be manipulative.

“It goes back a long way. The Chloe and Dan thing is the icing on the cake.”

Pete also responded to comments from some fans calling for him to quit: “I’ve heard there’s a petition to get me sacked for being a bully but I’m sorry to say I’m not going anywhere.

“I don’t give a f**k if people who don’t know me hate me. So long as my friends and family like me.

“But it isn’t nice for my mum to see me being called a bully or getting hate.

“It upsets me that mum has to read things about me. It is upsetting for her and that’s what upsets me.”

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