Stranger Things fans predict Eleven will return to Hawkins to kill twisted father figure Dr Brenner in explosive battle

Stranger Things fans predict Eleven will return to Hawkins to kill twisted father figure Dr Brenner in explosive battle

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STRANGER Things fans are already convinced that season 4 will be the most blood-soaked series yet.

While the next series of the retro sci-fi show has yet to be officially confirmed, the cliff-hanger ending of season 3 has left fans certain it’ll be making a comeback.

Stranger Things Dr Brenner
Dr Brenner experimented on Eleven throughout her childhood

In fact, social media is already awash with theories about the plot lines for the show now that Hopper is trapped in the Upside Down.

The most popular theory on Reddit centres around Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) going back to the wicked institute that experimented upon her to get revenge.

Without her powers she is decidedly more vulnerable, but user Falloutaddicted predicts she’ll still come out on top.

“This is what could be the storyline: Will and El can’t sense the Mind Flayer as they are out of Hawkins, while the others start to notice some strange activity and investigate and split up at some point,” they began.

“One group gets ambushed and trapped in the flayer’s power reactor, another group discovers that the portal in the lab is open again and contact Eleven and Will to come back to Hawkins.

“The final group will confront the government (who wants to keep all strange activities secret) with this.”

Next comes a development about the Russians working in cahoots with the Mind Flayer.

“Once Will arrives in Hawkins he starts to feel the Mind Flayer again and El still tries to deal with the loss of her powers,” the super fan continued.

Jim Hopper in stranger things
Jim has served as a father figure to El

“The group in the reactor has escaped and tries to go back to the normal world, but doesn’t know where the portal is.

“So they go to Starcourt Mall (or the ruins) and discover that the communists are there working together with the Mind Flayer.”

For anyone worried about Hopper, rest assured he also plays into the speculation.

“The group confronting the government quickly discovers that Hopper is still alive and the Russians keep him hostage, as the American government keeps one of their commanders hostage,” they went on.

Stranger Things Upside Down
The Russians opened a rift between worlds in season 3

“This action is being lead by the one and only Dr Brenner who got promoted because of the project with El.

The theory ends with El taking out Brenner and reinstating her powers in the process.

“El discovers this too and wants to make her way to Brenner to kill him while the others need her. She even got so mad when she heard that she got her powers working again and decided to help defeating the Mind Flayer,” they concluded.

The post comes after fans drew parallels between Will and Billy given their family history.

Meanwhile, others drew attention to the possibility of time travel in the next series.

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