Simon Cowell looks better than ever after debuting ‘new face’ as he reveals he’s writing a book with son Eric

Simon Cowell looks better than ever after debuting ‘new face’ as he reveals he’s writing a book with son Eric

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SIMON Cowell looks better than ever after he debuted his “new face” as he revealed he’s writing he’s writing a book son Eric.

The Botox-loving music mogul, 59, confessed he’s amazed by how much he’s been able to achieve with his four-year-old protege after ditching late nights and junk food.


Simon Cowell looks better than ever with ‘new face’ as he writes book with son Eric[/caption]

Simon, who confessed to having too much work done in the past, said: “I have to be honest, it just didn’t feel right that I couldn’t explain to someone his age that I had been working all night and was so tired in the afternoon … I was like a vampire.

“A long with the diet, I changed my hours. I now go to bed at 10pm. I eat my breakfast 08:30am.

“We go jet skiing together, we’ve seen seals, I’m teaching him off road cycling, go karting.

“We camp. We’ve bought two tents, and lanterns and stoves. The one thing I remember when I’d go camping when I was a kid is that you have to have barbecue baked beans. So I bought a thing so we could make them.”

And asked where they go camping, Simon quipped as he sat in his LA mansion: “Here. Right here (in my back garden) where we are sitting now.”



Simon Cowell and son Eric bond over go karting[/caption]

He also spoke about and also revealed his plans to create new content with his son.

The Britain’s Got Talent boss said about the book: “I am writing a book with Eric. I literally am as we talk.

“We did this once when we had some time together. I said ‘do you know what, ‘I think we should write this book together.’ And he looked at me like, ‘what?’

“Then he started to get more involved. We had such a fun time writing it. In the end, I said, ‘do you know what, we’ll just do it.’”

Simon has made a huge effort to overhaul his routine so that he can spend more time with Eric

And it’s not the only new project in the works for the successful showman.

He revealed he has an animated film which will be written by David Walliams that will be a comedy about a band of monkeys auditioning for one of his shows.

He said: “I always said I wanted to make an animated movie.

Simon has lost 20lb on his vegan diet
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“A few years ago we were approached to make a movie about real life monkeys who come on one of my shows and they can sing. And they become the biggest group in the world.

“And this year we decided we just have to do it.

“I think David Walliams is going to write it. I hate to say this but David is the most successful children’s author in the UK at the moment. And when I told him about the idea he was really excited.”

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