New dad’s agony after bitter ex put her new partner’s name on birth certificate to spite him

New dad’s agony after bitter ex put her new partner’s name on birth certificate to spite him

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A NEW dad has revealed his agony after his “vindictive and dangerous” ex-girlfriend put her new lover’s name on his daughter’s birth certificate to spite him.

Louise Boyce, 30, pretended new lover Nathan Leggatt was the father and took him to register baby’s birth.

Louise Boyce has been jailed for lying about the dad of her baby on a birth certificate
Wales News Service
The baby’s biological dad Ashley Sayce has hit out at Boyce for her scheming

The mum-to-be had been embroiled in a bitter split with the tot’s real dad Ashley Sayce and “acted out of spite” when she lied on the form.

Ex-squaddie Ashley, 32, has now hit at his ex and Leggatt after they were both caged for a total of 14 months at Swansea Crown Court.

He told The Sun Online: “They are a hideous, evil pair who deserve one another.

“I call this Karma. Their lies and spite have caught up with them at last.
“Louise did this to spite me and wind me up because she is vindictive and Nathan is no better.”


The dad was “thrilled” when he discovered Boyce was pregnant with their child just a few months after they first met in Swansea when she asked him for a cigarette.

Their relationship started well and the pair moved in together but Ashley said she had “serious problems” and they split after 18 months.

He added: “Soon after she was hanging around with Nathan and they were a bad influence on each other.

“When the baby was born, I told her I wanted to play a full part in her life and see her regularly.”


Boyce and Leggatt then hatched a plan to name his as the dad on the baby’s birth certificate – with the fake dad even breaking down in tears as he told staff: “It’s a bit emotional to register the baby’s birth.”

But she was rumbled when social services got involved and a paternity test proved Ashley was the tot’s biological father.

Boyce, who is pregnant again, was this week jailed for eight months after she admitted wilfully giving false information concerning registration of a birth.

Her new lover was jailed for six months after admitting the same charge at Swansea Crown Court.

The court was told new mum Boyce carried out the deception because she had a “desire” for Leggatt to be the baby’s dad.

Andrew Evans, defending Leggatt, said he “had a genuine desire” to play an active role in the baby’s welfare and wanted to be loyal to Boyce.

Ashley, who says he has “nothing but hate” for the woman who ruined his life, said: “She is vindictive and dangerous.

“She falsified the birth certificate out of sheer spite towards me. I’ll never forgive her for robbing me of my baby.”

New man Nathan Leggatt lied he was the baby’s dad
Wales News Service
Boyce acted out of spite after a bitter split with Ashley, a court heard
Wales News Service

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