Kellie Allen on getting the Bug for ABODE project

Kellie Allen on getting the Bug for ABODE project

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KELLIE ALLEN has already made a big impact in dance music, not only for her music but also for her work raising money for the ABODE project, building a school in Uganda.

Kellie Allen – Picture: Adam Harris

Dubbed as one to watch by none other than Steve Lawler, she has just released a new EP on German pioneer, Steve Bug’s new label Sublease. Alongside all this she has just had another big summer in Ibiza playing for Steve Lawler and ABODE. She is back in London this weekend to get behind the decks at ABODE in the park on Saturday.

We caught up with her to find out more about her busy summer.

Congratulations on your latest EP on Steve Bug’s new label, Sublease. Must be great to have that legend as a fan?

Absolutely. Steve is someone I’ve admired musically for years so to have his backing is really cool. A few months ago I saw he’d been supporting my music in his sets, so we got talking and I sent across some new tracks for him to listen to. It was from there that Steve decided he wanted to start a new label and invited me to be the first artist to release on it. It’s great to be a part of a new vision from someone I have a lot of respect for in our industry.

What were your motivations behind La Vie En Rose?

I really went with my heart on this EP. I was less focused on writing something for the dancefloor, and rather something that conveyed how I was feeling in that moment. I wanted to create something special using a collection of sounds I had recorded on my portable recording device (Zoon H4N Pro if anyone is interested). I captured some beautiful sounds in Thailand and here in Ibiza that I wanted to experiment with in my productions as well as getting in front of my studio mic and recording some of my own vocal cuts and percussive elements to layer in. I find this method of composition and recording holds my interest and also feels very personal to me when I can recall where the sounds featured in the music came from.

How has Ibiza been for you this summer?

It’s been a great summer. I’ve been very fortunate to have played at a lot of different events with some amazing talent and good friends in the industry. The biggest moment for me was returning back to the venue where it all began for me, the newly reformed Octan Ibiza (formerly Sankeys) and playing for Viva Warriors. For me it was something I had once dreamed of as an aspiring DJ when visiting Ibiza so it was really cool to be approached by the club to be a resident this year and also Steve Lawler to play a date for Warriors.

You have your own radio show on Ibiza Global Radio which is going from strength to strength. Was being a radio DJ on the agenda for you when you first set out mixing and making records?

I’ve had a passion for radio for quite a few years since being in Ibiza and getting into the scene as a DJ. I actually used to syndicate other radio shows to big online and FM stations across the world so when I got the opportunity to host my own on Ibiza Global Radio four years ago, I jumped at the chance. This year, rather than pre-recording my monthly shows I was asked by the station to go live on air which is such a buzz! It adds much more value to what I do, and although it’s slightly more nerve-wracking I love being in the moment with the music, knowing there are people tuned in all over the world as well as in Ibiza or watching the show unfold live from the studio on Facebook.

Kellie Allen – Picture: Charlotte Robinson

Can you tell us about the non-profit organisation ABODE Project for which you are Project Coordinator for? How did you get involved and what can people do to help?

I met the co-founder of ABODE & The Abode Project in Ibiza a few years ago and we sat down properly last spring to talk about ways to raise funds for the project. From that meeting my boyfriend and I raised funds of just over €10K to date, which went towards building a new junior school in Kabale, Uganda, last November. When I revisited Uganda in February, I took on a coordination role for the project, managing the volunteer group to complete the necessary work to achieve a license for the school to operate for the new academic year. It has been an incredible journey so far, an utterly rewarding experience that has changed my perception of life so much. The children at the school are in good health, eating nutritious meals and learning every day.

The members of the local community in Kabale have taught us so much about what is important in life. I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop contributing towards making their lives better and I’m really looking forward to the next trip in February 2020. Anyone interested in sponsoring a student from our school or volunteering to help on the next trip can email us at [email protected] for and information pack and application form. You can also donate to the school by visiting our JustGiving page HERE.

Speaking of ABODE, it’s the 2019 instalment of ABODE in the park this weekend. You must be super excited for that. What can people expect from you and the festival?

Yes, it’s this Sunday and I’m so excited as last year’s festival was amazing. You can expect bigger and better, and the production and stages and really impressive – there is something for everyone. I’m particularly looking forward to playing in the Secret Garden during the afternoon, where you can expect nothing but good-quality house music all day and into the night from a collective of up and coming talent.

Catch Kellie Allen at ABODE in the park this Saturday. For more information on ABODE in the Park head HERE. To buy a copy of her new EP ‘La Vie En Rose’ click HERE.

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