Inside Gemma Collins’ kitsch family home with doll’s heads in jars, large blue sofa and immaculate garden

Inside Gemma Collins’ kitsch family home with doll’s heads in jars, large blue sofa and immaculate garden

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GEMMA Collins has invited the cameras into her quirky childhood home for MTV Cribs and it’s just as extra as you’d expect.

There are Greek ornaments, a Barbie head in a jar, lavish furnishings, and a pristine flower garden.


Gemma Collins has invited the cameras into her quirky childhood home for MTV Cribs[/caption]

Standing at the front door, Gemma introduces viewers to the home: “Come on MTV, come into my childhood crib.”

As leads the camera through the hallway, she says: “This is where the GC grew up.”

The mantelpiece and windowsill are covered in ornaments including a porcelain gnome and a stone face wrapped in foliage.

Gemma says: “Mum loves nature. She loves greenery.”


A Barbie head on a stick is the strangest piece[/caption]


There’s a porcelain gnome on the window sill[/caption]


There’s a stern Greek sculpture[/caption]


Pink flamingos stand proud in the garden[/caption]


The flowers are well tended[/caption]


The Barbie head is the GCs favourite piece[/caption]

The GC then plonks herself down on the settee, and says: “Comfy sofa”

She shows off the most eccentric piece in the living room, a severed Barbie head and explains: “This is my favourite ornament my mum’s got. It’s a chopped off Barbie head on a stick. and the glass goes over the top. I absolutely love it.”

Gemma recently revealed she’s hooked on gardening and bird food after moving to the countryside – and wants to be the next Charlie Dimmock.

The 38-year-old Towie star told The Sun Online she’s been channelling the 53-year-old Ground Force garden expert and even wants to start selling apple pies at her local country fair.

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Gemma says shes been embracing the country life[/caption]

The GC, who was speaking ahead of her appearance on MTV Cribs, explained how moving out to a posh pad in the countryside had chilled her out.

And she insisted she’d love to host a gardening show and be a Charlie Dimmock for the modern age, insisting: “Do you know what, I’d love to actually. That for me would be the best thing ever.

“I can’t tell you how calm I am around plants and nature. My new obsession is buying bird food and I love to watch the birds come and feed. It’s very calming and it’s very good for my soul here.”

She added that she was also taking inspiration from Kelly Brook, explaining: “She really gave me some good tips in the summer. I’d love to go really deep into it and start growing my own vegetables.

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The star said shed front a gardening show like Charlie Dimmock[/caption]


Gemma insisted: ‘I’m really at one with nature’[/caption]

“There are so many chemicals in things – that’s why people are getting sick. I could grow my own patch, make some apple pies and start selling them at the local country fair. Watch this space.”

However, she insisted her new pad isn’t entirely a rural paradise, explaining it is mostly pink and festooned with waving lucky fortune cats.

She explained: “Barbara Cartland, eat your home out. There’s lot of pink everywhere. It’s just very, very glamorous.

“I’ve got lot of Chinese cats everywhere, you know them gold cats? Lucky fortune cats here. I’ve got a gorgeous wind chime.”


She has moved out of Brentwood, where her boutique is based[/caption]

She added: “I believe it makes the energy really good around the property and it makes my plants grow.”

But it seems country life isn’t all zen-like peace and quiet, with Gemma adding: “I didn’t sleep a wink last night because there was deers walking around the property.

“I had two power cuts too, but that’s country life for you.

“I’m really at one with nature. I’ve always really loved nature, I did a lot of horseriding as a young girl. It’s something I want to get back into.”

Shes planning to get a miniature horse like Tony the Pony

And the star, who delighted Celebrity Big Brother fans when she celebrated her birthday with a tiny horse called Tony the Pony, is looking to get one of her own.

She said: “I was actually looking at miniature horses because I could have some out the back.

“I’m always surrounded by crazy people, but when I come back to the country I’m into my plants, I love gardening, I love bird watching and I absolutely love nature.

“It’s beautiful, honey. I’ve got a blackberry bush, I’ve got everything.”

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