Hollyoaks Later’s six most shocking moments as late night show returns for one-off in January

Hollyoaks Later’s six most shocking moments as late night show returns for one-off in January

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HOLLYOAKS Later is back with a bang in 2020 – with multiple murders, affairs and explosions.


It’s been off our screens since 2013 so what better way to mark the occasion than with a look back at HL’s most mind-bending bits?

In the run-up to its return take a look at these from Luke Morgan’s shocking rape to a Bizz-are appearance by Lethal Bizzle in the top six most shell-shocking moments from the soap…

Brendan Brady makes chops out of Mick Cornus, 2012

Brendan Brady makes mince meat out of Mick
Channel 4

Regardless of what he’s done, you’ve got to feel a bit sorry for Mick.

He’s been kidnapped and shoved in a car boot, dangled from the top of a lighthouse and now he’s being cut up into pieces like lamb chops.

Definitely not for viewers with a dicky tummy, Brendan’s enjoying himself a bit too much in this Reservoir Dogs-style stomach-churning scene as he cuts up Mick’s body.

You can’t fault his cleanliness – he’s even wearing a pinnie.

Sarah Barnes’ parachute plunge, 2009

Sarah Barnes plummets to her death
Channel 4

Lydia and girlfriend Sarah fall out over Zoe. Then the wrong person falls out a plane.

Lydia’s jealousy hits the roof and she decides to sabotage Zoe’s parachute with a knife – but accidentally mixes them up and it all goes literally south in a spectacular sky fall.

As they make the jump from the plane, Sarah’s parachute doesn’t open and she plummets to the ground. Ouch.

Expect their Trip Advisor review to be bad on this occasion.

Luke Morgan’s male rape, 2000

Gary Lucy’s portrayal of rape victim Luke

In 2000, Gary Lucy’s character Luke Morgan was attacked and raped by fellow footballer Mark Gibbs.

The terrifying scene broke TV taboos, won awards and raised awareness for the highly sensitive subject, while being praised for its respectful portrayal.

Luke Morgan’s horrific rape ordeal
Channel 4

The harrowing scenes initially drew criticism from viewers, but the aftermath became widely praised by audiences and critics alike.

The first soap ever to feature this trauma on TV, the scene is still as haunting as it was back then.

Callum Kane’s Samurai stabbing, 2013

Callum Kane gets crucified
Lime Pictures

He only wanted a weekend away in the countryside.

Poor Callum was trying to rescue an imprisoned Esther Bloom but his attempt was done in vain as he was then stabbed in his own veins by Jade Hedy.

It wasn’t any old knife either. It wasn’t even an M&S knife. It was a Samurai sword.

Plus, months earlier he’d almost died in an armed robbery gone wrong – how’s that for bad luck?

Bonnie Tyler and Carmel McQueen’s car-eoke session, 2009

Bonnie Tyler joins Carmel McQueen in prison
Channel 4

The question isn’t ‘Why would 80’s power ballad icon Bonnie Tyler turn up during a dream sequence in prison with Carmel?’ – it’s how on earth do they get their hair so big?

Double-take duet McTyler were seen belting out Holding Out For A Hero in a jail cell after blonde Carmel had been wrongly imprisoned after being mistaken for a prostitute.

Because that’s what happens in Hollyoaks Later.

Most Bizz-are cameo, 2012

Lethal Bizzle made cameos on the show

The rapper must have been very Flex-ible with his work schedule in 2012 when the Brit played himself over five episodes of HL.

The artist performed a special VIP gig where viewers were offered the chance to go and watch him in action.

Fans of the grime star are still questioning if They Got It Wrong.

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