Global climate strike – Parents let kids as young as FOUR wave ‘f*** Boris’ signs and bunk off school as millions hit climate change protest

Global climate strike – Parents let kids as young as FOUR wave ‘f*** Boris’ signs and bunk off school as millions hit climate change protest

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THOUSANDS of kids skipper school today to take part in what could be the biggest worldwide climate protest in history.

Pupils across the country quit lessons this morning and were joined by workers to demand urgent action to tackle climate change.

Wolfe Young, four, holds a placard saying ‘f**k off Boris’ during a climate change protest in Manchester today
Mercury Press
Children joined the protest despite threats of fines to parents whose kids skip school today
Young climate strikers in Millbank in London and millions across the world take to the streets today
Tens of thousands of students take part in global strike action in Westminster
London News Pictures
Children lead a march in Cambridge today during the day of global action
Children from the Terra Nova Secondary school in Cheshire attend the global climate strike in Manchester
A protester is dragged away by police outside Kings College, London
2019 Martyn Wheatley / i-Images

The protests are part of a snowballing movement sparked by teenage activist Greta Thunberg who walked out of school each Friday to protest outside the Swedish parliament.

Parents were warned they could face £60 fines if their child attended the protests, which doubles if the payment isn’t made within 21 days.

Student Jessica Ahmed, 16, emailed her school to warn she would be joining the protests instead of being in class.

Speaking at a protest in Westminster, Jessica, from North London, said: “If politicians were taking the appropriate action we need – and had been taking this action a long time ago when it was recognised the world was changing in a negative way – then I would not have to be skipping school.”

Dozens of pupils from John Stainer Community Primary school in Brockley, South East London, are among those taking part in the capital.

Head teacher Sue Harte said the school had decided to take part because “climate change is clearly a big issue” and “children need to know that they have a right to democratic protest”.

They protested on the streets despite a warning that teachers who let kids walk out of class risked facing legal or disciplinary action.

The Teachers’ Union said there was “a duty of care to pupils”, adding: “Teachers cannot condone and encourage such behaviour and may be held responsible should they allow children and young people to do so.”

Business, energy and clean growth minister Kwasi Kwarteng said he could not endorse children leaving school to take part.

He said he supports the “energy and creativity” of students, but said time spent in school is “incredibly important”.


More than 200 events are taking place across the UK, with the main event at Millbank, in Westminster.

Slogans such as “if you breath air you should care”, “us snowflakes are melting”, “learn to change or learn to swim”, and “don’t be a fossil fool”, were among the homemade banners held aloft in the crowd.

Four-year-old Wolfe Young was pictured holding a placard saying “F**k off Boris” during a protest in Manchester.

As if to underline the urgency of the issue, the temperature is set to reach 26C in parts of Britain this weekend – 8C above the average for the time of year.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praised children going on strike saying they were “leading the way” and called them an “inspiration”.

A protester is cuffed by police in London
2019 Martyn Wheatley / i-Images
Cops have made their first arrests as thousands take to the streets across the UK
2019 Martyn Wheatley / i-Images
Protesters in Cambridge demand urgent action to tackle climate change
Youngsters are among those marching in Cambridge today
Pupils skipped school to take part in the protests today
Thousands are protesting on the streets of London today calling for action on climate change
An eco-warrior holds up a sign saying ‘use less paper’
Lillia Adetoro, ten, addresses a crowd in Manchester city centre today
Mercury Press
A moving placard in London saying ‘we want to die of old age’
Extinction Rebellion protesters take part in a ‘die in’ in front a cruise company HQ in Southampton
Solent News
Tens of thousands of students attended the climate strike in Westminster
London News Pictures
Climate change campaigners march through the streets of Edinburgh today
Getty Images – Getty

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “It is unbelievable that we should need global strike action for the future of our planet to be taken seriously.

“The stark reality is that our climate is changing rapidly and we are running out of time to address it.

“I hope governments around the world who are failing to take action hear the voices of millions of people, young and old, unified in their call for action to save our planet. Our future depends on it.”

Two people were arrested this morning for taking part in an unofficial climate change protest on the Strand in central London.

Across the globe more than 3,400 events are taking place across 120 countries, making it the largest action yet.

Some of Friday’s first protests were held in Australia, where an estimated 300,000 people gathered at more than 100 rallies.

The strikes mark the start of a weekend of action.

Tomorrow Extinction Rebellion plans to blockade the Port of Dover for four hours.

On Sunday Mr Khan will shut more than 12 miles of roads in London along with a further 340 streets, which will be turned into “play areas”.

However the move was criticised as being a “PR stunt” that will cost £1million – money that could have been invested in “proper measures to improve air quality”.

Keith Prince, a Conservative transport spokesman and London Assembly member, said: “Once again the Mayor has demonstrated that he is more interested in indulging in shameless virtue signalling instead of properly getting to grips with the big issues facing London.”

Thousands of people took to the streets of Melbourne today
Getty Images – Getty
A climate change rally in Sydney – there are 100 rallies taking place in Australia today
A young girl in Australia holds up a sign of David Attenborough
Getty Images – Getty
Climate change protesters at a rally in Brisbane
Getty Images – Getty
Eco-warriors take part in a ‘die in’ the Thai capital
Getty Images – Getty
Protesters hold signs and chant slogans during the Hong Kong climate strike rally
Getty Images – Getty
Activists cycle to block traffic at Ernst-Reuter-Platz square in Berlin
School students and protesters gather during a climate strike rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Getty Images – Getty
Activists block a road in Frankfurt, Germany, during rush hour today
AP:Associated Press
Students attend a climate change protest in Marovo Island, Solomon Islands
Protesters shout slogans in front of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in New Delhi
AP:Associated Press
Students with a banner ‘Denial is not a policy’ gather for a protest against climate change in Nicosia, Cyprus
A girl wearing a polar bear costume joins a protest at the Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic
AP:Associated Press
A child walks past activists gathered for a world-wide climate rally, at the University of the Philippines’ campus in Manila
AFP or licensors
A boy holds a banner as he takes part in the worldwide climate change protest in Nairobi, Kenya
Environmental activists march carrying placards as they take part in the protest calling for action on climate change, in Nairobi
AFP or licensors
A child holds a placard as she stands in front of the Greek Parliament today
AFP or licensors

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