Female thug, 23, laughs outside court after admitting horrific attack on innocent teen – as she’s snared by Facebook pics

Female thug, 23, laughs outside court after admitting horrific attack on innocent teen – as she’s snared by Facebook pics

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A THUG who battered an innocent teen with a baton laughed outside court today after admitting the savage attack.

Stephanie McIntyre, 23, was snared by pictures victim Caitlin Shepherd, 19, posted on Facebook to show her horror injuries.

Stephanie McIntyre launched into a savage attack at a car meet
Caitlin Shepherd, 19, was left with horror injuries

The thug had launched into the vicious assault after randomly meeting Caitlin in at a car meet in Lanarkshire.

She told the teen “get out the f*****g car” before battering her with an extendable baton as she tried pulling Caitlin from her vehicle.

Co-accused Amanda Watt, 19, only told her to stop the brutal attack when she saw blood pouring from the student’s face.

Thug McIntyre today smiled and laughed as she left Hamilton Sheriff Court today after admitting assault.

Watt pleaded guilty to acting in a threatening and abusive manner with both bailed to be sentenced next month.


The court heard violence erupted at the car park when Caitlin pulled over to let Watt pass as she believed she was driving too closely.

But the vicious pair began shouting and swearing at Caitlin to get out the car, which she refused to do.

Depute fiscal Scott King said: “The complainer told her she wouldn’t do so and during the altercation the accused Miss McIntyre got out armed with an extendable baton.

“She approached and began striking Miss Shepherd to the face with the baton who could feel the blows to her head which made her feel dizzy and lightheaded and she began to bleed heavily while sitting in the car.

“Watt saw the extent of the bleeding and pulled Miss McIntyre away from the car shouting ‘s**t s**t come on’ while the accused McIntyre also seized the complainer’s legs in an attempt to pull her from the vehicle and eventually they ran back to their car.”

The pair were eventually caught when the Facebook photos of Caitlin horror injuries went viral as social media users named them.

Speaking after the incident, Miss Shepherd said: “I have no idea what led to these girls becoming so angry because there was no incident beforehand and I don’t know them.

“But they lost the plot and I didn’t know when they were going to stop. If they had got me out of the car, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Caitlin was driving when she realised the thugs were close behind her
When she refused to get out the car, she was battered with a baton
She posted pictures of her injuries online, which helped snare the attackers
Blood left on her jeans after she was viciously assaulted
Caitlin did not know the thugs
Amanda Watt will be sentenced next month for her part in the attack

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