David Cameron spills MORE secrets about The Queen despite Palace fury at him blabbing about their meet-ups

David Cameron spills MORE secrets about The Queen despite Palace fury at him blabbing about their meet-ups

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DAVID Cameron has revealed MORE secrets about the Queen – after Buckingham Palace slapped him down for blabbing.

The Former PM said the 92-year-old monarch used to tear around Balmoral at “breakneck speed” in her car in more royal revelations in his explosive memoirs.

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The Queen is not happy after David Cameron claimed he sought her advice during the Scottish independence referendum[/caption]


The claims come after he was dished an unprecedented rebuke for letting slip about Her Majesty’s intervention in the Scots referendum.

A Palace source said Mr Cameron’s loose lips had caused an “an amount of displeasure” with the 93-year-old monarch.

The ex Witney MP is set to ruffle even more royal feathers with further insight into Royal life.

He writes that the Queen was “the only woman to have driven the King of Saudi Arabia” and spoke of seeing the royal family “in relaxation” at their Balmoral “haven”.

Mr Cameron also said that the monarch asked “incredibly perceptive questions”, the Times reports.


After Cameron shed light on Her Majesty’s role in the Scottish referendum, a source also told the BBC that “it serves no one’s interests” for conversations between the prime minister and the Queen to be made public and “it makes it very hard for the relationship to thrive”.

Mr Cameron himself admitted yesterday that he should not have broken long-standing Royal protocol to reveal he had lobbied Her Majesty to make her controversial intervention just days before the knife-edge poll in September 2014.

Quizzed about it, Mr Cameron revealed he wanted Her Majesty to hit back at then-SNP boss Alex Salmond’s claim that the Queen would be happy to rule over an independent Scotland.

He said he had asked whether the Queen could “raise an eyebrow” ahead of the referendum – and days later Her Majesty said people should “think carefully about the future”.

Yesterday Mr Cameron admitted he had revealed “perhaps a little bit too much” about the controversial request to intervene.


He told BBC Radio 4’S Today programme: “Some people would think, possibly even me, that I’ve already said too much about this”.

But in an attempt to play down the row over his revelation, Mr Cameron later insisted he did not ask the Queen to do “anything improper” during the referendum on Scottish independence.

The former prime minister – who has been carrying out a media blitz to promote his memoirs – said: “I never asked for anything improper to be said or done.”

Mr Cameron sought support from the Queen after a poll predicting a Yes victory “panicked” him.

He was also forced to apologise to the Queen after being overheard boasting that the Queen had “purred” down the phone when he told he had won the referendum.


Yesterday the former First Minister Alex Salmond reveald that the Queen had summoned him to Balmoral to assure him those “purring” comments were wrong.

Mr Salmond told the BBC yesterday: “The Queen was not amused by the behaviour of her prime minister”.

In a further embarrassment for Mr Cameron yesterday he accidentally told a live TV audience that he “shat” at the TV when he first saw Boris Johnson’s big red Brexit bus.

In what will go down as one of the most famous Freudian slips in British politics the former PM held his head in embarrassment as he corrected himself to say: “Sorry, sorry, I shouted at the TV.”

It left ITV’s This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in hysterics.

Phil Schofield joked: “Believe me, we have been ever-since.”

Mr Cameron’s wife Samantha, who was sat next to him on the sofa, opened up about her time in No10 – revealing that was drunk and smoking “rollies” when Theresa May popped up to their flat the day before she became PM.

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