10 Coronation Street spoilers from Gary’s vicious assault on Ryan to Ches and Gemma’s baby drama

10 Coronation Street spoilers from Gary’s vicious assault on Ryan to Ches and Gemma’s baby drama

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THE net closes in on Gary as Adam discovers he attacked Ryan, while Gemma and Ches have shock news about one of their babies.

Here’s the lowdown from Weatherfield next week…

Ryan suffers horrible injuries in a vicious assault by Gary
  1. Gary brutally attacks Ryan

Ryan continues to push Gary’s buttons over the money he owes him and – when Gary finds out that Ryan has a new DJ gig – he is furious and lashes out at him.

Ryan confesses that the new job is unpaid and that he can only get Gary £200 which he begs him to accept.

Gary corners Ryan in an alleyway and demands his cash back
  1. Ryan lies about his bruises

In a bid to explain his injuries, Ryan and Gary stagger into the Rovers saying that Ryan’s been mugged.

Outside the pub, Gary makes it clear to Derek that he’ll face a similar pasting if he doesn’t call things off with Izzy.

Adam finds out it was Gary who attacked Ryan
  1. Adam sees Gary for what he really is

From his car, Adam’s PI sees the row between Gary and Derek. He scrolls through his phone of pictures of the evil builder beating up Ryan.

When Adam learns what happened, he and Imran confront Ryan who denies it was Gary and sticks to his story about being mugged. Ryan later tells Gary that Adam’s had a PI watching him. Needless to say Gary is v. unimpressed.

Adam sees Gary for what he really is and announces he has photos of him attacking Ryan
  1. Shona is at the end of her rope with Max

Max’s bad behaviour continues to escalate, leaving Shona despairing about what to do.

When Audrey takes him in the salon for the day, he overhears her telling Bethany that she wouldn’t blame Shona for packing her bags and leaving. Later, Cathy is mortified when Audrey messes up her hair but it soon becomes clear that Max tampered with the colour mixture.

He also starts selling ADHD meds at school.

Shona is at the end of her rope with Max as he gets suspended from school
  1. James tells Michael he’s gay

James is thrown when Michael reveals he overheard his conversation with Bethany.

Reminding him that he loves him, he asks him outright if he’s gay.

James opens up to his brother and tells him about his secret gay life with friends in London. Michael is shocked to discover that Aggie already knows the truth and the brothers decide to tell Eddie. But they’re thrown off track when Eddie raves about Bethany in the Rovers.

  1. Shona fesses up to David

Shona finally comes clean to David about Max’s behaviour. David is furious at Max, but also furious at Shona for keeping him in the dark.

He quickly forgives her though and tells her he couldn’t be without her.

  1. Ches and Gemma’s baby shock

Ches and Gemma get some shocking news at the hospital when they’re told that one of their quads isn’t developing as well as the others.

They’re worried when they’re told Gemma needs to be scanned weekly instead of fortnightly from now on to monitor the baby.

  1. Tyrone fears Fiz is cheating

Tyrone gets a shock too when he overhears Fiz on the phone telling someone on the end how much she needs and misses them.

Assuming Fiz has got another fella, he demands some answers. But will he get them?

Tyrone fears Fiz has been cheating
  1. Paul’s ghosts come back to haunt him

Still in denial about being abused by Kel, Paul is horrified when Bernie passes around some old photos and he realises just how young he was.

Paul talks to Billy who explains to him that he was groomed, but Paul still isn’t ready to accept the truth and insists that he was in love with Kel.

  1. Asha’s secret is revealed

Amy is worried when she thinks Asha is self-harming after clocking her wearing long sleeves with blood seeping through.

But when she confronts her, Asha confesses that she’s been using a skin lightening cream and has had a bad reaction, leaving Amy stunned.

Amy suspects that Asha is self-harming after spotting her in baggy clothes with blood seeping through

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