Raging dad stamped on toddler’s head leaving her ‘like a car crash victim’ after she spilt milk on herself

Raging dad stamped on toddler’s head leaving her ‘like a car crash victim’ after she spilt milk on herself

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A RAGING dad stomped on his baby girl’s head so hard she suffered “car crash” injuries because she spilt milk on herself.

The 13-month-old had to undergo gruelling surgery to save her life and will never be able to eat normally again after over half her pancreas was removed.

A dad stomped on his daughter after she spilt her milk

Her dad flew into a rage when the girl spilt her drink on herself – stomping on her stomach twice and leaving her with injuries compared to a “high-speed car accident”.

He initially tried to claim she fell from a change table and a walker on May 12 last year but eventually came forward to the police.

A court heard he didn’t want to stomp “too hard because he didn’t want to hurt his foot”.

He has now been caged for six years Brisbane District Court in Australia after admitting grievous bodily harm.

The dad has already served 488 days in jail and will be eligible for release in March next year.

The court was told how the girl will need to take tablets to help digest and absorb food for the rest of her life.

Prosecutor Sandra Cupina said: “Without surgery, she would have died.

“For the rest of her life she will require pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy to help her digest foods… and she will have to regularly see a specialist to monitor endocrine functioning.”

His lawyer Adrian Braithwaite agreed the attack was “abhorrent” but said the dad “learnt to deal with situations” based on horrific abuse he suffered as a child.

But Chief Judge Kerry O’Brien said he understood the man had a “troubled upbringing”, but it did not offer an “excuse” for his behaviour.

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