Netflix just dropped the trailer for Michael B. Jordan’s Raising Dion – but what’s the UK release date and who else is in the cast?

Netflix just dropped the trailer for Michael B. Jordan’s Raising Dion – but what’s the UK release date and who else is in the cast?

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RAISING Dion, a new superhero series, starring Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan will drop on Netflix this October.

The drama will follow a single mom, whose son develops supernatural abilities. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Raising Dion
Raising Dion premieres on Netflix on October 4

What is the UK release date for Raising Dion?

Raising Dion will premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 4, 2019 and consists of ten hour long episodes.

The new series was first announced in 2017 and is based on a short film about an African-American single mother, who discovers her young son has multiple, constantly changing abilities.

Sci-fi, family drama Raising Dion is the creation of commercial and music video director Dennis Liu, who produced the comic book and directed the short film, which became a viral sensation.

The show, which is produced by Carole Barbee, will be available in more than 190 continues around the world.

Raising Dion
Raising Dion is a superhero series airing on Netflix

What is Raising Dion about?

Netflix’s new ten-part series follows the story of a woman called Nicole Reese, who raises her son Dion alone after the death of her husband Mark.

The struggles of raising a son as a single mother are intensified when Dion begins to manifest superhero-like abilities.

Nicole, with the help of Mark’s best friend Pat, must keep her son’s gifts a secret to protect him from people out to exploit him.

All the while, she must figure out the origins of his abilities, as she fends off those out to get him.

Of the new series, Liu said: “I started this project many years ago because I wanted to see more diverse representation on film and television and I’m excited to partner with Netflix and MACRO, who I know shares that commitment.

“More than ever, we need more stories told from different points of view and my hope with Raising Dion is to create a cinematic experience for all families that will lift your spirits and make you laugh and cry.”

Cindy Holland, Vice President, Original Content for Netflix added: “We haven’t seen this type of superhero story before – an origin myth full of imagination, wonder and adventure, all grounded in the experiences of a modern single mother.

“Michael B. Jordan is an exciting and dynamic talent and I’m excited to see him, MACRO, Carol and the team translate Dennis’ unique vision to television.”

Raising Dion
Raising Dion was created by Dennis Liu

Who is in the cast of Raising Dion?

The cast of Netflix’s exciting new project Raising Dion includes Hollywood royalty as well as an upcoming star.

Here are some of the actors involved in the show and what they have been a part of before joining forces with Liu.

Michael B. Jordan

Raising Dion
Michael B. Jordan is Mark Reese in Raising Dion
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The 32-year-old film star needs little introduction, having starred in blockbuster hits including Black Panther and Creed.

In Raising Dion he plays Nicole’s deceased husband, Mark and he is also one of the executive producers of the show.

Ja’Siah Young

Raising Dion
Ja’Siah Young plays Dion Reese in Raising Dion

The seven-year-old actor is relatively new to the acting game and will take on the lead role of Dion Reese.

His character has special abilities, which include being able to move things with his mind, although exciting as it may be it is something he knows scares his mum, Nicole.

Alisha Wainwright

Raising Dion
Alisha Wainwright portrays Nicole Reese in Netflix’s Raising Dion

The actress will star as Nicole Reese, a former professional dancer who gave up her career to raise her son when her husband Mark died.

Alisha, 30, has had roles in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, as well as Lethal Weapon and the film The Wedding Do Over.

Jason Ritter

Raising Dion
Jason Ritter takes on the role of Pat in Raising Dion

Jason, 39, takes on the role of Pat, a comic-book-reading scientist who worked with Mark and was his best friend.

With Mark gone, Pat becomes a huge support system for his widow Nicole and her son, Dion.

The actor’s past roles include his stint in the mini-series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Quest.

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