Naked Attraction’s most shocking moments – including church-goer Judith’s hymn singing

Naked Attraction’s most shocking moments – including church-goer Judith’s hymn singing

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NAKED Attraction has been on our screens since 2016 and the controversial show has definitely sparked controversy throughout it’s run so far.

But what are the most memorable moments of the show that sees its contestants dare to bare all? Here are a few of the most shocking so far…

Naked Attraction has had some pretty shocking moments since first airing in 2016
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Lauren Harries on Naked Attraction

In August 2019, Lauren Harries shocked fans when she appeared on the hit show – and threw a tantrum no less.

The reality star bared all in her quest for love but was left reeling when she failed to be picked on account of her age, ouch!

She was one of the nude suitors in a pod, whose body was slowly unveiled to fellow contestant Rigby from the bottom up.

However, she was rejected by the hunk due to her age, with Rigby explaining: “I am looking for someone to be with permanently and I just think you might be a little bit too old for me.”

Not taking it lying down, Lauren through a hissy fit before storming off the set.

Host Anna Richardson had invited Rigby to hug Lauren after the rejection, with the former Celebrity Big Brother star snapping: “No. Stay away.

“You could have had the goods but you are not having them now.

“You’re not going to get my backside now.”

Clearly seething, Lauren continued: “I’m going, I don’t want to be around him. Never talk to a woman about age, make up something.”

And she even whipped out the old ‘Do you know who I am’ card, warning contestant Rigby: “You will be slapping yourself when you know who I am.”

Lauren Harries shocked fans when she appeared on the controversial show
Channel 4

Contestant brings dogs on show

Viewers were left shocked when a contestant brought her dog on the show to sniff out potential love interests.

Contestant Leah brought in her mutt Kush to assist her in her pursuit of love.

And viewers could not believe their eyes at the sight of the little Yorkshire terrier on the X-rated set.

Some called it a “dangerous game” while others blasted dogs “sniffing groins” as “a step to far.”

Though despite her canine friend’s assistance, it did not end up being love for 30-year-old fashion designer Leah.

Speaking to the cameras after their first date she revealed that Greg had gone quiet on her after they’d hooked up.

Viewers were shocked to see a dog on the X-rated show

Church-going Judith’s hymn singing

Judith, a 57-year-old Church-goer, shocked her fellow parishioners when she appeared on the controversial show in August 2019.

And the contestant from Warwickshire even treated her potential love interests to a rendition of the hymn The Lord Is My Shepherd as well as offering a cake she had baked ahead of her appearance.

Describing her motivation behind appearing on the show, Judith said:”I’ve not been lucky in love. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very scary. And now I’m ready to embrace life in full.

“Naked Attraction I need your help. Adam and Eve found love in the garden of Eden, and they were naked, so now it’s my turn!”

Church-goer Judith shocked viewers when she sung a hymn on the daring show
Channel 4

Elephant Tattoo

Former stripper Matty Roche showed off his pretty out-there elephant tattoo which is located across his privates.

The unique design shows an elephant drawn out around his nether regions, with his penis strategically located where the animal’s trunk would be.

But the contestant felt no shame and insisted that he “wasn’t awkward at all” about exposing his very intimate tat.

Matty shown off his unusual inking after stripping naked on the show
Matty Roche showed off his pretty out-there elephant tattoo which is across his privates<span style="font-size: 16px"> </span>
Channel 4

Woman with the ‘bat cave’

And giving Matty a run for his money – How could we forget the contestant Stephanie with the Batman tattoo in her private area.

Stephanie seemed pretty proud of her distinctive inking which is located just above her groin.

As she met the two men she had to choose between to go on a date, presenter Anna Williamson asked: “What about the vagina?

“What is that?”

She confidently replied: “It’s my bat cave,” before bursting out laughing.

And one of the dating hopefuls, quickly chipped in: “I’m looking to come face to face with the Dark Knight. First class.”

Which went down very well because it bagged him the date.

Channel 4

Naked Attraction viewers were shocked when a contestant showed off her intimate Batman tattoo and called her privates a bat cave[/caption]

Possible wedding bells

Naked Attraction may draw in some viewers who want to marvel at the spectacle, but despite the novelty (and nude factor) the nontraditional dating programme has produced at least one success story.

Contestants Gemma and James met on the show in April 2017 and are still together.

Despite their unconventional meeting, the couple, who hit it off and had sex just hours after meeting, couldn’t be happier.

Speaking to Closer magazine in August 2018 about their meeting, beauty therapist Gemma said: “I kept catching his eyes and he’d smile at me. “It was like we had a connection. He seemed genuine and, when I got naked and we hugged, it wasn’t awkward.

Naked Attraction/Channel 4

Gemma and James met and fell in love on Naked Attraction[/caption]

“He complimented my body, which gave me a confidence boost as I was worried I didn’t look good after having kids.”

James previously told The Sun Online that they headed to a hotel just hours after meeting, following a successful first date.

And while they might have gone on the show for fun, they have since talked marriage.

Speaking about how well James has fitted in her life with her two kids and their plans for the future, Gemma said: “They get on a like a house on fire and my family find the way we met hilarious. We’re hoping to move in together next year and marry one day.”

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